So, I’ve Been Doing Something New…

I’m working on a post for next week so I don’t really have a post for today but instead of a post I thought I would share some of my favourite reels from Instagram that I’ve been making. I have been having so much fun on Instagram lately which is weird because last time I tried the whole IG thing I wasn’t that into it. I think I like it more this time around because I’m just having fun with it and not really wasting too much time trying to do stuff that’s trending or going viral or whatever. I also love makeup and creating new makeup looks for IG has been so much fun and has really got my creative side going.

I know a lot of you guys aren’t on IG or following me there so I thought I would share them here too since this is my biggest platform:

Hope you enjoyed those- they were a lot of fun to make!!

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45 thoughts on “So, I’ve Been Doing Something New…

  1. Seeing these were fun!! I wish I could see more from you but I’m not allowed Instagram!! You should keep posting them like this 🙂

  2. I can do the finger thing. I can also bend my thumb (only on my left) completely back where the top of my thumb can touch my wrist.

  3. That’s so true. You can be not into something for quite a while, then suddenly your interest is piqued by some inexplicable occurrences. Our mind is a mystery.

    1. Yeah that’s exactly what happened for me. I just did not care too much about my IG page for a while and then suddenly I got sucked back in. The mind definitely is a mystery.

  4. Sometimes it is better to not worry whether or not you go viral, but to have fun with what you are doing. Viral changes from one day to the next and fame is fleeting. Respecting yourself and having fun in what you are doing will take you further and you will create more than trying to reach some unspecified minute of fame 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree. Sometimes things go viral and the next day no one cares anymore. I would rather have fun while creating my posts and continue to put out content I enjoy creating.

  5. I can touch my index finger to my pinky and the doctors thought I was double -jointed, too. In fact, doctors even advised my mother to sign me up for gymnastics class because they thought I could become an Olympic athlete! She did, and I got kicked out for being the slowest in my class. I’m not double-jointed, but I do have hypermobility in my ankle and hips, which is sort of like the undesirable, ugly twin 😀 I love your make-up too, absolutely flawless and beautiful.

    1. I’m double-jointed and almost everything on my body moves weird which is annoying but also fun because I just enjoy watching people squirm sometimes and it can really freak people out 😂
      Aww thank you so much!

      1. Hey making people squirm is always fun, however you go about it. My mother has even questioned my sanity a few times because of my twisted sense of humour. Long story cut short, Mum hates Dior Poison but the home where she works was gifted a bottle for the elderly residents, and Mum said that to her it always smelled like something that they would spray on a person before their funeral, because it’s that strong. I joked and told her that no matter what, it’s absolutely not acceptable for her to go around the home with the bottle and spray it on the elderly people, just in case.

        And you thought I was nice 😉

          1. Haha she nearly died laughing herself! She just said “just in case perfume, oh Helen, that’s terrible” haha.

    1. Yup I think that’s the best way to use social media- have fun with it! I feel like people forget about that and end up hating it because they treat it like work.

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