Her Voice Pt 2

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I heard Frank yelling outside the bedroom door. Frank banged on the door and threatened to kick it in but gave up after a few kicks. Classic Frank. She sobbed for a little while and then started to move the nightstand. At first, I thought she was going to block the door with it in case Frank comes back, but she just moved it a little and pulled out a diary from behind it. She began writing in it and I felt a tugging on my shirt again. Emma’s spirit was watching all this too and she was now pointing at the diary. As I got closer, I read the words she had been writing. “FRANK KNOWS ABOUT THE AFFAIR.” 

She put the diary back and started sobbing again. After a few seconds, she grabbed her phone and called someone. I tried to see who, but it was too fuzzy, and I couldn’t make it out. “Frank knows,” she sobbed into the phone. “Because I don’t want to be with you. It was just one night. Frank just left, and I think he’s coming to find you. You need to come over right now so we can settle this like adults when he gets back. I don’t want either of you to get hurt over one stupid mistake,” she continued.

Everything around me began to fade, suddenly we were in the living room. I heard the doorbell ring and Emma quickly opened the door. My eyes widened in shock as I saw who entered the house. Dennis. I felt sick and tried screaming, but no sound came out. Everything began to fade again and, I heard Dennis screaming at Emma. “Why won’t you just accept that we’re meant to be together? I LOVE YOU,” he yelled with a look in his eyes that sent shivers down my spine.

He grabbed her and tried to kiss her, but she was able to push him away and ran up the stairs trying to get to the bedroom. She almost made it but, he ran after her and grabbed her again. He was trying to drag her back downstairs but, she kept struggling and pushing him away. “I hate you, you ruined my life and, I’m going to tell everyone what a psycho stalker you are,” she yelled, spitting at him. He froze, and, in a split second, the look on his face changed. Before I could even understand the new look on his face he had already grabbed and pushed her down the stairs. I heard a sickening crunch when her neck broke as she landed at the bottom of the stairs.

Both Emma’s spirit and I walked towards her lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs. I could see the blood pouring out of her mouth, her eyes still open, and her face as white as snow. I bent down and stretched my arm towards her, but, her spirit put her hand on mine in an attempt to get my attention. She pointed at Dennis, who was still standing at the top of the stairs looking down at Emma’s corpse. There wasn’t even a hint of regret or sadness in his deep blue eyes. “Get him,” Emma’s spirit whispered as the memory began to melt away.

I awoke with a gasp and couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. I shook my head, trying to process what I had just seen as my vision blurred from the tears that were forming in my eyes. “Oh God,” I whispered as I saw Emma’s spirit standing near me, observing me. “Emma, I’m so sorry. I’m going to make this right,” I promised her. I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door. I knew I had to get my hands on that diary- it was vital evidence that could link Emma and Dennis. She had probably written more about him earlier too.

I checked to make sure Frank’s car wasn’t there when I reached the house, and, as soon as I had confirmed he was at work, I unlocked the door using the key they hid under their mat and ran towards their room. I pushed the nightstand away and saw what I had been looking for. I grabbed the diary and started skimming through the pages. “I made a stupid mistake”, “Dennis is pressuring me to leave Frank”, “Dennis showed up at my yoga class today”, “He showed up at the house today but, luckily Frank was out getting dinner,” “I’m scared he’s going to find out about Dennis.” There were a bunch of posts about Dennis, each more terrifying than the last. It was clear he had been stalking her for quite a while now.

“Give me the diary.” I flinched in shock and turned around to see Dennis pointing a gun at me. “Give… me… the… diary. NOW,” he yelled as I flinched again but this time out of fear. “How could you?” I asked. “I don’t have to explain anything to someone as stupid as you. All I had to do was get you drunk, and you blabbed everything to me. I just had to follow you for a few days, and, voila- you lead me straight to that stupid diary,” he said, shaking his head. “I mean, come on… no wonder Emma never told you about our night together- she knew you were too stupid to keep it to yourself,” he continued. “I trusted you. SHE TRUSTED YOU, AND YOU TURNED INTO A MONSTER,” I cried. “Of course, I turned into a monster. SHE turned me into a monster. She had been leading me on since high school- using me every time she and Frank had a fight and then ignoring me the minute they made up. For years I was her little lap dog,” he said with a sick look on his face.

We both turned our heads as we heard the front door open and, then, close a few seconds later. It must be Frank- I had no idea why he was home but, I have never been so relieved in my life. Before Dennis could do anything, we heard Frank’s footsteps approaching, and, soon he was standing at the door, his eyes wide with shock. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” he exclaimed.

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Hope, you guys enjoyed the second part of the story- the third and last part will be coming soon!

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43 thoughts on “Her Voice Pt 2

  1. Finally the second part is out, I had to go back to the first part and read the last para again. I hope the third part comes earlier.😭😭😭Pooja I have no words to describe your imagination and the way you carve out your stories bringing life into each character. I mean wow, the perfect plot with the element of surprise in each character. You are truly blessed to have such writing skills. God bless you.💗💗💗

  2. I’m kind of relieved that Frank didn’t kill her, but he was still abusive. It doesn’t give him a free pass for terrorizing Emma.

  3. Wow, love this story of twists and turns. And Dennis is not completely bad, but rather being led on for years. That’s true. Every woman has a friend like Dennis. Sigh. This is life and it has no easy solution.

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