Six Word Story #121

Wickham inveigled the women around him.

Can you tell I’ve been rereading Pride And Prejudice again If you haven’t read this book already you simply must. It’s the greatest book every- although it’s my favourite book so my opinion of it may be a little… prejudiced. 

Today’s Word:


  1. to win over by wiles

2to acquire by ingenuity or flattery

More about the word.

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84 thoughts on “Six Word Story #121

  1. Respect, manners, honesty and integrity. My 6 word story is now a little bit of a 6 sentence story. I’m not going to claim that I’m perfect. I’m sure true perfection has to be imperfect. I’m a solid 8/10 at ironing. The palaver of the dating scene is a different way to when I last attempted it too 😂

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  2. Like always, I love the small characters like Charlotte, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bennet, Mary, Caroline, and even Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine. These small characters are so vivid. However for some reason I am not too crazy about the main characters Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley–they are a bit of being praised too high and too unreal to me. Still, it’s a nice book. I used to read Austen’s books once every two years, but I stopped that practice about five years ago. LOL.

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