Asking For A Favour

I know this post is late but I had a test yesterday and I was out most of today and just got home so I didn’t have time to post.

Anyway, I have a favour to ask you guys… it’s nothing weird I swear! So, I thought it would be fun if you guys left questions in the comments section that I could answer in my next podcast. It would be a fun way to interact. I’ve done posts with questions and answers but I thought it would be more fun to answer them on the podcast since I can elaborate and answer them properly. Thanks in advance for the questions and feel free to ask anything it doesn’t have to be about blogging!

Can’t wait to share what I did today with you guys really soon! It was such an amazing experience.

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35 thoughts on “Asking For A Favour

  1. Have you ever done something expecting a particular response but been surprised by a completely unexpected response? Tell us about it. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, then please just disregard. I’m not great at the question thing.

  2. 1. If you could choose the circumstances surrounding your birth, such as place of birth, era (past, present or future), special powers (or abilities), life span, which planet to be born in and even a particular organism to live as, what would you choose and why?
    2. What’s one invention you wish we had? (And why)
    3. If you become the leader of the world for one week, what would you do?
    4. If there was a super mic in which you can speak and be heard all around the world, what would you say?

  3. I hope your schooling goes well, Pooja. This is your website, you are in charge and your followers will be here. ☺️❤️ I will. 😃

  4. I have a question- how do you stay motivated to remain consistent?
    Anddddd….what’s the worst typo you have ever made?
    Can’t wait for the podcast! 😁

  5. What are some quick tips to help newbies (like me 😅) grow a blog? And how do you remain focused?

  6. I’m just popping in to say I turn my streaming on live tv and the Britney Spears fans turning vamp goth/bi-curious episode was on so I thought about you. 😉
    I have a bad habit of using social media to make up unpopular opinions just to bother people when I actually don’t care so I doubt there’s anything useful I can suggest for a podcast unless you want people mad an attacking your podcast.

    I’m enjoying the Simone Biles blow out though. When is it okay to quit on your team and is adderall a performance enhancing drug especially if you have a mental condition like ADHD? 🤔

    If Disney is looking to lose a lot of money with their theatrical releases due to Covid and states can’t mandate covid vaccines until the FDA actually approves a vaccine where many people under 30 (marvels key demographic) are not vaccinated.. should Disney release it streaming to reduce covid spread or steam it reducing Scarlett Johansson’s contractual pay because she negotiated a pay scale on theatrical revenue?

    I wouldn’t touch any of those subjects in a podcast unless you’re looking for trouble.

      1. I’d have to know your goals with podcasting to have any suggestions. Humorously, I’m in my process of contacting astrologers who are similar minded as I am related to how much of a mess it is and needs cleaned up. I’m just making them aware I’m going over all of their podcasts to get ideas or poop all over some. I stumbled on a read into one of my placements by one astrologer I think is good and what I just said in my comment is exactly that. That being Mars in Libra (especially with my own) will purposely kick bee hives to provoke people. I do it on all of my social media except WP and WP is where I have a creative block while I also noticed I actually DO do it but in a different way.

        The Simone Biles controversy: both sides are right. The Disney actress lawsuits.. both are right. But… I’ll craft an opinion based on what will cause the most tension to a person who is swung too far to one side.
        There’s a popular astrologer I stumbled on by algorithmic suggestion who’s (apparently) extremely popular and she’s terrible. I had to stop 20% in from internally disagreeing where I went and found her own astrology data and commented to read her chart to state she was reading charts wrong while also (as politely as possible) explain that her large following is her use of a strong Pluto she’s using as an image. I’m all “don’t kick the hive even though you REALLY want to..” to myself.

        If I ran a podcast or video channel (YouTube/Tiktok/etc) I’d need a co “host” where I can have someone counter balancing when I do that to avoid attacks. Especially these days where people seek out being upset.

        I have my streaming on random, Joe Rogan pops up.

        Should podcaster and bloggers of different types be representative and responsible for social issues because they’re viewed as “influential” or are they just entertainment? See? Even that simple question can inflame people when it’s a reasonable question.
        I’m trying to think of common themes in your blog but more recently you’ve been stretched around from school and so on where I can’t (from memory) pinpoint your general theme.

        Oh! I liked an old blog on historic counter culture/60’s music.

        If I keep thinking of a good question I’ll devolve into bad humor like “what are you wearing?😉”

        I’m going back to my discussions with astrologers.. 🤣

  7. Weird I know…but what is the most interesting question you have ever asked yourself (and you still don’t know the answer)?

  8. I’m just going to pick the most controversial one, and the most obvious one: Does pineapple belong on pizza? Of course, I will be judging 😛 I’m just kidding.

  9. Such a cool idea Pooja – I can’t wait to hear the episode, let us know when it comes out! Okay my questions:
    1) Why did you decide to start your podcast?
    2) Do you prefer your podcast or blog (you can be honest haha!)
    3) What is your dream job?
    4) What are your plans after University?
    Can’t wait to listen to it!

  10. Here’s my question: Do you think that after this year with all these wildfires and floods that governments will finally start listening to people about climate change?

  11. I have some questions! What was the most impactful day of your life? What is the WORST advice you have ever received? What is your go-to outfit for when you want to feel confident?

  12. I wonder how do you feel about wordpress, twitter, and instagram? I mean I read articles about the differences of the different social media, but I would like to know how each person feel about the three. I think each person have different feelings and opinions…

  13. How many hours do you spent on one blog and how did you make it interactive the way it is now. If someone is writing for their own passion and desire to share, what else can the blogger do to just increase the viewability of the post (so that one can remain motivated of ones own writing). Thank you

  14. If you have the option to have your school ( all school ) paid for what would you go to school for?

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