18 thoughts on “How To Clean Up An Instagram Account (Guest Post)

  1. Seems kind of mercenary. I think block function would do the same job especially for someone who tends to answer most responses. Though, I’m no longer on Instagram. Interesting that they have such a function. Thanks!

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  2. This is so informative, thank you! The Russian one can be quite tricky for me sometimes because I know the language. Had to learn about it the hard way

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  3. I hesitate to use any application on my Instagram after my account was hacked several months ago. The problem started when I downloaded an app that shows who has recently unfollowed my account.

    You must use your password for the app to work, therein is where the hack happened. I won’t use any app like that again and have to watch the follower count.

    It’s no fun digging through a few hundred followers to find the rat…

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