Six Word Story #131

Friendships winnowed. Toxicity evanesced. Happiness multiplied.

Today’s Word:


1 a (1) to remove (something, such as chaff) by a current of air
      (2)to get rid of (something undesirable or unwanted)
2ato treat (something, such as grain) by exposure to a current of air so that waste matter is eliminated
bto free of unwanted or inferior elements

3to blow on 

1to separate chaff from grain by fanning

2to separate desirable and undesirable elements

More about the word.

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44 responses to “Six Word Story #131”

  1. A refreshing post!

    1. Thank you!!

  2. Bullying should be winnowed from society!

  3. Promises vanished. Doors opened. Life continues.

    1. Yup that’s the way it goes.

  4. I failed to winnow her memories.

    1. Aw that’s sad.

  5. Winnow out Throne, Who protected Rose

    1. Oh wow love that addition!

      1. Thank you dear 😊

  6. Winnowed from our lives, he stumbled.

    1. Awesome addition!

  7. Sad that friendships need that truth.

    1. Yup very sad!

  8. Destructive forces winnowed down my resolve.

    1. Oh wow love that addition!

  9. No best time to winnow chaff

  10. Eulogy? Lifetime winnowed into 6.5 minutes?

    1. Sometimes even less than that 😢

  11. you could have also used evanesced as today’s word – a two for one special! 🙂

    1. Oh yeah that’s true!

  12. Honey your love was toxic like you😗

  13. i want to winnow unhappy life

    1. And be happy forever!

  14. This hit hard, it was so relatable!

    1. Thank you!

  15. All chores are winnowed for today!

    Thanks Pooja

    1. Woohoo I’m down for that!

      1. me too.. let’s go play!💖

  16. Friendship and Happiness Come and go
    Laugh Well and Often!!

    1. But the good ones stay!

      1. Yess That’s what makes this world better 😇

  17. I winnow down to six words.

    1. Haha love that!

  18. Winnow to a wisp when accused.

    1. Love that use of the word!

  19. May fires winnow under night’s breeze. C

    1. That’s summer!

  20. Thank you…!

  21. it gets lonely at the top…

    1. That’s what I hear!

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