Tips For Learning A New Language (Reblog)


Learning A New Language

Learning a new language can be pretty difficult especially when you’re an adult. I’ve been trying to learn German for quite a while now and although it’s been super fun it has been challenging as well.  I’ve been using the Duolingo app and one of the biggest challenges I faced was sticking with it. However, last year I decided to get serious about it and recently I got this notification telling me I’ve been doing lessons daily for an entire year!

Naturally, this made my ever-growing ego even larger and I have begun to think of myself as somewhat of an expert at learning new languages now. I decided to share some tips and tricks that have helped me get to 365 days below and in case you would prefer a more detailed, audio version I’ve made a podcast episode discussing these tips in more detail…

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25 thoughts on “Tips For Learning A New Language (Reblog)

  1. Why learn a new language when English is the dominate language and the majority of all cultures comprise the United States where English is President, King, and Queen?


  2. I think I’ve read this language post before, but still it is interesting to read it again. Love learning new languages and you have inspired me to talk about my own experience with learning a new language. I especially agree with your idea about “research” and “have fun”. Yes, doing research on the language and the learning process is very important. Don’t just listen to one person and consider it the guiding principle. Explore different ways and resources. You are such an inspiration, Pooja, like always.

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    1. Yup it’s a reblog so you must have read it earlier too. Thank you so much. Yes, I definitely think researching deeper into the language is beneficial in learning it better. And having fun is important too since it keeps you enthusiastic.


      1. Yeah it’s super unmotivating and also totally ruins your rhythm- like you’re all enthusiastic and then you have to wait a day till your hearts are full again and by then you’re over it.


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