Howell Family Pumpkin Farm- Sunflower Field Experience

A while back my sister and I went to Howell Family Pumpkin Farm and it was such a blast. I’m wearing the same outfit as my last experience post it’s because we went on the same day.

I wanted to do a two part post for this place since we went to the sunflower area as well as the places with the Halloween decorations. I also want to quickly give a shoutout to their staff because we were supposed to go on a different day but it ended up raining so we couldn’t go since it was closed and they were super easy to talk to and quickly changed the date and everything. Plus, we arrived with baskets full of fruit since we had just been fruit picking and they let us put the baskets in some lockers no one was using at the time which was so nice of them. They had the best vibe and I really appreciate that.

Anyway, we decided to go to the sunflower field first because we were super excited. I had gone to a sunflower farm some time ago and had made a post about it on here but the sunflowers were ready to be harvested at that farm so they didn’t look the best. These sunflowers were still very much alive and thriving so that was amazing. We got the experience we wanted minus almost getting stung by a bee lol.

I wanted to share some of the pictures we took since the sunflowers looked absolutely beautiful.

I feel like everything looked extra beautiful because the sun was about to set and it really seemed to bring out the colours in the flowers. They were so radiant and beautiful. If I’m not wrong you do get flowers to take with you if you go in summer.

For those of you interested in the Halloween/pumpkin patch post, I’ll post it same time next week.

Have you guys been to any of these places or anywhere similar? Have you ever been to a sunflower field/farm? Do you like flowers/sunflowers? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you or simply stop by and say hi!


Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Romwe

Pants: H&M

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41 thoughts on “Howell Family Pumpkin Farm- Sunflower Field Experience

            1. Yeah I only knew about the regular ones and the dwarf ones but it’s interesting that there are multiple types. I would love to see them someday.

  1. I love seeing sunflowers in sub-Arctic places. There’s something special about it. I love how the Germans call them Sonnenblume

  2. So beautiful! I’ve never been to a sunflower farm, but where we live in Wisconsin, there are several nearby fields filled with them. They’re just gorgeous and I love that the birds can eat the seeds so that nothing goes to waste! We grew a few many years back, but the birds got to them before we could really enjoy them! Well, I guess that was the point, anyway! 😁

  3. “the sun was about to set and it really seemed to bring out the colours in the flowers. ” beautifully described sunflower 🌻

  4. Wow, the bees are thinking of you as one of the flowers. Haha. What a nice place. Autumn is such a golden season. I thought of buying some sunflowers from Trader Joe’s but I forgot to do it this year. And you take such beautiful pictures. It’s an inspiration. I want to take some pictures too. Haha.

    1. Haha maybe it was a bad idea to wear a shirt with flowers on it lol. Yeah Autumn brings out such wonderful colours. Lol you should go for it and take some pictures it’s so fun.

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