All I Think About Is You

My Safe Haven
All I think about is you

When I close my eyes

I see your face

Smiling down at me

Kissing my forehead

Stroking my hair

If only you had been this person

The one I see in my dreams

When I can't sleep

And all I can do

Is think about you


I’ve been feeling real creative lately which is why I wrote the short story and now this poem. It’s been really fun writing again. I’m still a little out of practice so it isn’t my best work but I’m enjoying it and hopefully you guys are too. I want to write more short stories and poems since they’re a lot of fun to write and you guys seem to enjoy them.

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37 thoughts on “All I Think About Is You

  1. Interesting seeking perfection…however it is less elusive than it seems. Don’t settle for less. Accept only someone who will treat you as you wish to be treated. Have specifics in your head.

  2. A welcome change of yours.
    That notable nuance of another that takes on a life of its own within us. Nope- I wouldn’t know anything about anything like that…that I’m will to admit to.

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