Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful 2022 everyone! I hope you have the best year yet and I hope you are able to achieve everything you want. to achieve this year.

I have always loved it when there is a new year to celebrate because that means a fresh new start, a chance to get closer to being the person I want to be, trying new things and so much more. I know that the last couple of New Years including this one isn’t exactly the best with the new variant and stuff but I’m still going to have a positive attitude (and hopefully not a positive test…)

I also have some big news for you guys about some things going on in my life. I am guessing by now you will have noticed my absence from WordPress. I was switching off my comments for a lot of my posts, not active on other blogs and stuff for the last few weeks because I was busy packing. I was busy packing because I have decided to move back to Kenya for at least the next year or so. Most likely for good. Truth be told, with the whole pandemic and stuff, I just want to be closer to my friends and family. It’s also become more difficult to get good jobs in Canada (at least in the area I live in) and I don’t want to just work for money. I want to do something I enjoy and I think that’s more likely to happen in Kenya right now. I also want to concentrate on my writing and I feel like that isn’t going to be possible here because there is always so much else going on. I will elaborate on all this in the future, maybe on an episode on my podcast so I’ll keep it short for now.

Either way, I’m supposed to reach Kenya today so hopefully I have reached by the time you read this. I am also going to be taking a few days off blogging since I blogged every day for 365 days last year and it was a lot, lol. Also, I obviously want to spend time with everyone in Kenya who I haven’t seen in so long (mostly the cat). I should be back in about a week or so since you know I can’t stay away from you guys for too long! During my break I hope to catch up with the comments on my posts as well as your blog posts so don’t be surprised if I stop over.

Anyway, that’s it for now and I look forward to this next chapter of my life. Hugs!

Let me know what your plans for New Years are in the comments below and what you hope to achieve in 2022!

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  1. Compliments on the New Season and all the best for this new chapter, sounds so exciting!!!!! Hope you do get back with a catch up on how its been going


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