Six Word Story #158

When therapists suggest activities for couples… they generally do not mean murder.

Okay, technically it’s two six word stories but I just watched the third season of “You” and was inspired to write this one.

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46 responses to “Six Word Story #158”

  1. Not sure murder is ever suggested.

    1. Maybe occasionally… 🤣

      1. only in movies (Throw Mama from the Train) for example, but in the end, they actually didn’t kill anyone) 😉 Some literature. Not a real life good idea.

  2. Let’s not murder and say we didn’t…

    1. That works too 🤣

  3. They just wanted problems to end.

    1. Sometimes it’s the only way…

  4. Murder on mind, love in heart.

    1. Ooh love that!!

  5. They will come for you tonight.

  6. that is bad for therapy business – they would lose half their clients…

    1. But they would have the other half for life lol…

      1. that’s true!

  7. Love and hate; affection and murder.

    1. Opposites attract? Lol

  8. Are we sure they really don’t?

    1. Well occassionally they may…

  9. Ahh… the sweetness of this dicey activity… ends with both on the couch…

  10. ‘You’ is such a twisted (but hilarious) show!

    Didn’t you know? Romance is dead.

    1. Haha omg love that!! Yup so twisted and yet so amusing 🤣

      1. Right? I loved how bad he was at it. 😆

  11. die, die, die, my sweet darling

      1. It’s popular song 😉

        1. Ooh I see 😄

          1. 💕😁

  12. Murder may not be the answer 😂

    1. It rarely is 🤣

  13. Solve with speech not with murder

  14. Therapy- massaging the heart and soul.

    1. Truly 🙌🏽

  15. Generally, its usually murder then suicide.

    1. Yup so true.

  16. I meant for you to die.

  17. Funny!
    Murdered the romance before it began!

    1. Exactly 🤣🤣

      1. 💖🤣😱😱😱

  18. […] Six Word Story #158 […]

  19. Maybe

  20. They should always recommend great sex!

  21. Omg I watched YOU as well. I loved it!

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