Forever and Always

The room was filled with flowers
Absolutely perfect for lovers
It was such a beautiful sight
Even now in the darkness of night
I appreciated the beauty of it all
Just like the first time we had danced in this hall
We had danced past midnight
Holding each other tight
You hold me in your arms just like before
Our feet floating slightly above the floor
That night you had promised me forever
And you promise me the same a hundred years later
Even death could not do us part
For we had been dead from the start

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12 thoughts on “Forever and Always

  1. Forever yes… and Always…

    ahh… pooja g…
    beyond the grave…
    forever now…
    late at night…
    occupying an empty hall
    where once love had ignited two such hungry souls
    like moths to a warm inviting flame
    ahh… yes… how sweet indeed
    is neverending romance
    beyond the grave…

    © Ralph Boothe (moriba sababu)
    February 9th. 2022

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