What I Eat In A Day #6

What I Eat In A Day


I know a lot of you enjoy my content about food so since it’s foodie Friday I decided to write a What I Eat In A Day post. I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a long time and my eating habits have changed a little since moving back to Kenya so I decided to share some of my meals with you guys.

As you guys know all the dishes I share are vegan/plant-based. I hope you enjoy the post because I definitely enjoyed eating these delicious dishes!


I generally don’t like eating for breakfast. I just don’t feel like breakfast is my main meal and so I tend to skip it most of the time. I don’t like being on an empty stomach completely so I usually drink a little something. Sometimes I drink some tea or have some juice or smoothie. On this day, my mum had made some mung tea for herself so I ended up drinking some too. It’s a good source of protein, it keeps you full throughout the morning and it’s not too heavy so you don’t feel lazy. If you haven’t tried it I would definitely recommend it with a few drops of lemon.


I love eggplants so I had bought a bunch of them but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to use them all week so basically I had a bunch of eggplants I needed to use on this day. Since I’m super lazy sometimes when it comes to cooking I made something I can make really quickly and that I don’t need to put too much work into. I ended up making a Korean eggplant side dish and eating it with rice.

As you guys probably know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I love Korean food and it’s probably my favourite type of food so I really enjoyed this meal. No one else in my family likes eggplant but my dad and sister did try some of it and they both said it was good (I don’t know if they agree or if they’re just trying to spare my feelings but I’ll just take the compliment, lol).


I wasn’t too hungry for dinner and I had rice and eggplant left (yes, I bought a lot of eggplants don’t judge me) so I decided to just make something with that. I ended up making some veggie fried rice with a bunch of fresh vegetables and a lot of chickpeas for protein some. I don’t love the taste of chickpeas but I eat them quite often since they’re high in protein. I don’t hate them but they’re not my favourite thing in the world. I also made some stir fried eggplant on the side to eat with the rice.

The meal was of course incredible and I will definitely be making it again (mostly because I still have two eggplants I need to use…). I really liked how simple but filling this meal was. My mum and I had also made some vegan chocolate a while back so I ended the meal with a bit of vegan chocolate. I forgot to take a picture of it and I’m too lazy to take a picture now so just use your imagination.


Overall, everything was really delicious. It was all so good I can’t pick a favourite even if I try. I will be making all these dishes again since they’re relatively easy to make and the ingredients are readily available. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to share any the recipes of any of the dishes I mentioned on this post and I’ll be more than happy to do so!

Do you like vegan food? Have you ever tried any of the dishes I mentioned on this post? Do you like Korean food? What did you eat today? Let me know in the comments below because I always enjoy hearing from you or simply stop by and say hello!

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45 responses to “What I Eat In A Day #6”

  1. YUMMM
    Laugh the winter away

  2. The eggplant looks really great as do other meals.
    Wish I could cook like that😊😊

    1. Thanks so much ☺

  3. I love chickpeas!

    1. They’re really good!

  4. Neat. I don’t do complicated dishes.

    1. Thanks. Haha yeah I avoid the complicated stuff too 😅

  5. Oh yum… if you cool I will eat!💕😂❤️

    1. Anytime 😂😂

  6. Well, my day has just started. I like Korean food, which after watching the amount of kdramas that I do, gives it greater meaning and context 😊

    1. I got into Korean food because of Kdramas too!

  7. It all looks tasty! I had a Greek yogurt for breakfast, caramel apple pie – YUM!!! Lunch was leftover chicken, grilled cheese, and a bit of leftover tomato soup. Dinner was a breakfast casserole with hash brown patties, sausage, spinach, eggs, and cheese. Very tasty! I won’t even get into dessert. Shhhh…you didn’t hear anything!!! I must do better with desserts and choose more fruit!

    1. Mmm so delicious! Haha we can all agree dessert calories don’t count 😜

  8. I love Korean food as well but I don’t get to eat it often cause I’m busy and hardly have time to cook and besides ramen and kimchi, they don’t really sell them here. All your meals look really good

    1. Thanks! Yeah I understand it’s hard to cook when you have other things going on.

  9. Read and view the food menu that you post. I am very interested in rice. In Indonesia, rice is the staple food and the main source of carbohydrates.

    Does your place, Kenya also make rice as the main source of carbohydrates? If so, it looks like you are suitable for traveling to Indonesia.

    Here, many delicious preparations that use rice as the main ingredient. Maybe you can consider it haha.

    1. I don’t know if rice would be considered a stable carb for everyone in Kenya but it’s certainly a staple for me. Almost all my meals tend to be rice based.

      I’ve always wanted to visit Indonesia so this might be a sigh lol.

  10. Those all look so good! For me, I just love south Asian food cooked by my mum 😆

    1. Thanks so much! Lol S. Asian food is sooo good 😫

  11. I love eggplant too

    1. It’s so good 👍🏼

  12. Delicious dishes, Pooja! I love love love Korean food. But I didn’t know that vegan and Korean cuisines can overlap!

    1. Thank you! It’s actually extremely easy to make Korean vegan which I was surprised by as well since so many of their dishes are meat based.

  13. Love your Foodie Friday. Eggplants are my favorite. I used to cook it with like two tablespoons of cooking oil since eggplants love oil. But now I only put in very little. So it ends up that I have to create good sauce, I mean less oily sauce, for eggplants. Love eggplants. No matter how much you buy, I will never think it is enough. I remember when I was young and living in the southern end of Mongolian steppe, we had so much eggplants in autumn. Actually the eggplants and tomatoes and potatoes are in so much abundance that the grocery stores refused to sell them by kilograms. They had huge shovel like basket (without the long handle) and you just took the basket, went to the eggplant mountain on the side of the store to fill it up, brought a basket-ful to the cashier at the counter. I mean half of a basket cost the same as a full basket. We ate until we were sick of them and then the winter came and there would be five to six months without fresh vegetables.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, eggplants taste best when they’re oily but of course that’s not exactly healthy. I’ve been trying to use very little oil too or no oil when I steam them first. The sauce has to be extra delicious when using less oil which is why I always end up using Asian recipes since I find the seasonings very delicious. We don’t have harsh winters in Kenya but certain vegetables are only available in certain months or at least they were when I was younger so we would also buy certain things we liked and eat them for a few months and then we wouldn’t have them for a while. In particular peas are not available often here so you have to buy very large quantities and freeze them.

  14. vegan chocolate seems like the perfect way to end a meal…

    1. Yes, I definitely thought so…

  15. Yum, all looks delicious! Hugs, C

    1. Thank you!!

  16. Chickpeas are so delicious 😋

    1. They’re really good especially with rice 🍚

  17. I have not had eggplant in a long time, and I like chickpeas a lot. All of your dishes looked delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much and yeah chickpeas are good and great source of protein.

  18. Hi Pooj – How you doing??? I still do not seem to get any of your posts!!

    1. I’m good! How about you? I don’t know why you aren’t getting them that’s so odd.

  19. I am still battling very heavy carnivore instincts but i do go green or vegan a few meals each week. Ah, I’d like to try the mung tea. I always try to have very heavy breakfast because my next meal is usually late afternoon or evening, though i do snack lunchtime occasionally. I do know how to make the first eggplant dish and didn’t know it was korean(there’s usually some kind of meat attached though,unfortunately) Is that schuma in the last dish. It is definitely my favourite veggie and i cook and enjoy it in so many ways.

    1. Yeah most people who are used to eating non-vegan find it difficult to eat vegan full-time but even having some vegan meals is really great! The eggplant dish does generally have meat but I usually just leave that out lol. It’s a mix of corriander and schuma in the last dish.

  20. Mmm, I love vegan or veggie food and went totally vegan in 2020 but have slipped back while in Spain to more veggie dairy. Mmm to the vegan chocolate as I love dark chocolate. Have not really tried Korean food so would love some advice or posts on the spices used.

    1. Yeah it’s hard to stay vegan but it’s still great you’re trying. I will definitely be sharing some vegan Korean recipes soon and already have some if you would like to check them out!

      1. Oh will explore your posts then. May need to go back as have some inflammation in shoulder and plant diet seems to help!

  21. The dishes looks healthy and ravishing🧡🧡loved them

    1. Thanks so much 😊

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