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34 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #48

  1. True! Thinking things through and getting ideas how it could work and evaluate strategies and choosing honest idea with most likelihood of success.

  2. I love this, especially since I seem to be making lots of mistakes! Oh, that’s right, I’m human – did you honestly think my that I was perfect?!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      1. If I recall correctly you are a student and you have set upon yourself a challenging vocation, one of continuous learning even after graduation. That is commendable I think. First because you are climbing a high mountain figuratively and secondly because you are willing to climb more in the future, not for your benefit as much as for your clients. This of course only makes sense if I correctly am recalling. LOL

        1. Yeah you are right. Even after graduating I want to continue to learn. Just because my courses are done doesn’t mean I am. It’s definitely a mountain but one I’m willing to climb.

  3. Failure is a sure sign that you’re heading towards success. Being stuck or stagnant isn’t. I know this but fear of failure still keeps in my tracks sometimes.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. We kearn from our failures and move on. We don’t stay in our failures and mope about it, consider it a learning experience, because we can always try and try again. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day.

  5. Successful people are usually the ones who have failed the most but just kept going.

    Failure is just a stepping stone to success!

    Great quote! 😎

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