Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing And How To Grow It Rapidly

How To Grow Your Wordpress Blog Instantly


I get a lot of messages and comments from people looking to grow their blog and most commonly it’s to ask me how they can grow their blog the way I grew mine. I completely get the frustration that sometimes comes with blogging because you want people to see your content but don’t know how to get more traffic and followers.

Although I have written multiple posts about growing your blog, I thought I would write another one since a lot of them are a bit older. I don’t think I’ve done one of these advice posts in quite a while even though they are my most requested posts so I decided to do one today.

I also wanted to do a newer post on growing your blog because WordPress is constantly making changes not only to their platform itself but to their algorithm as well so something that may have worked for you in the last few years may not be helpful in growing your blog anymore.

Why Your Blog May Not Be Growing And How To Grow It

Here are some of the most common reasons your blog may not be growing and how you can fix the issue and grow your blog:

Lack Of Activity

One of the biggest reasons blogs don’t grow is because of lack of activity. Much like on social media, the WordPress algorithm wants people to use their platform for as long as possible and be active as much as possible. If you’re active, you will be rewarded ie your post will get pushed out and your blog will grow.


There are two different types of lack of activity and multiple ways to fix the issue. Firstly, activity on your own posts and your own blog is very important. Make sure you are replying to your comments and trying to build a relationship with those that have taken the time to visit your blog. Not only will this make your readers happy, it will also show the algorithm that your posts have a lot of activity which to it will mean it is getting people to react in some way and therefore your posts will be pushed on the Reader and tags. It will also show your readers that you care about what they have to say which will make them follow you if they haven’t already or at least come back to your posts often to chat.

The second issue is your lack of activity on other blog posts. Your blog is one in thousands on WordPress and it is unlikely that many people will stumble onto it organically or accidentally. You need to be the one getting your name and blog out there. How can one do that? The simplest way is to be active on other blogs. Go through blogs that don’t follow you but have similar content and leave a like and comment. Not a spammy “follow me” comment but a genuine one about what you enjoyed about their post. This will help bring traffic to your site from these blogs and since they have similar content they are likely to follow you back.

Boring Titles

One of the first things people see about your post is your title. In a way, your title will make or break your post. If you have a fun, catchy title people will be much more likely to click on your post and look through the actual content of your post. Furthermore, for SEO purposes it is important to make sure you also use keywords on your title to help Search Engines better push your post.


The best way to fix this issue is to take a longer time to go figure out your title. It helps if you add some kind of pun or something funny on the title. However, make sure it is still relevant to the content on the post and not just clickbait because those get annoying really fast.

For the keywords, look at what is trending in that niche and what words others are using and try to do something similar. For example, if you are writing a recipe for vegan cheese you can use a title like “The Best And Easiest Vegan Cheese Recipe” because that is probably something someone would search for unlike “Vegan Cheese Recipe” which a lot of people already use as a title so that would be too saturated for someone to actually find your post. I hope that makes sense, SEO is a little difficult to explain.

SEO & Algorithm

Your blog may not be getting a lot of traffic and followers because your posts are not SEO friendly and algorithm friendly. The best way to quickly grow your blog is to use existing systems to push your content to a wider audience but they need to be a certain way to do this. SEO and algorithm friendly posts tend to make a huge difference in traffic and following.


The best way to fix this issue is to make your posts SEO and algorithm friendly. There are so many ways you can do this however I am not going to elaborate on that on this post because I already have very specific posts about how to make your posts SEO friendly and algorithm friendly. To view my posts on how to be more SEO friendly click here. To learn how to make your posts more algorithm friendly click here. I also offer blog post editing services where I will personally edit your post to make it more SEO and algorithm friendly. To view this service click here. 

Another simpler and easier way to instantly grow your traffic and following is to make your site in general more SEO and algorithm friendly. This is a great way to increase your DA score, make your site seem more trustworthy to Search Engines and more. If your site is SEO friendly overall, your posts will be pushed by both Search Engines and WordPress even if the posts themselves aren’t particularly SEO or algorithm friendly. That’s how I got my post on the first page of Google which can truly help so much with traffic and following from outside of WordPress. I do offer services for both a full blog redesign as well as a mini redesign which is more budget friendly for those of us who are looking for something more affordable. I think a redesign is definitely worth the investment though since you only have to do it once and having someone professional do it can save you lots of time and energy. You can find more information about both services by clicking here.

Your Posts

Sometimes, you can do everything right but still not take off because the problem is your posts themselves. They may be very specific content with a smaller audience, they may have too many typos or grammar errors, they may be content with a huge audience but not something you are passionate about and so much more.


Luckily, all this can be fixed. My first suggestion is to always write content you are passionate about. Somehow readers can always seem to tell when you’re doing something wholeheartedly or if you’re just doing it for views and likes and follows. If you’re going to write about something make sure you write something you would enjoy reading yourself even if it isn’t necessarily popular or trending.

If you would prefer to write about a topic with a larger audience, you can still write in a niche you enjoy just make sure you do your research and see what topics are popular in that niche and write about those. Don’t sacrifice your content for views.

I have read some posts that have so much potential but are looked over because of grammatical errors or general errors. I understand that English may not be the language that everyone is most comfortable in however posts written in English do tend to get more traction. I would recommend either writing in a language you are more comfortable in or using a free service like Grammarly to look through and edit your content before posting. The issue with using things like Grammarly is that they only pick up certain errors such as spelling mistakes so if it’s a structural issue or grammar issue they may miss it. You would need to be fairly fluent in English to use something like Grammarly. If you would like to have your posts personally reviewed and edited, I do offer personalised post editing services. To learn more about them click here.


One of the reasons your blog is not growing is because you may either be spamming people or trying to spam the system. If you leave spammy comments on other sites they will most likely not follow you or even block you. I personally find these comments quite frustrating and rarely follow someone who leaves comments like that.

If you are trying to spam the system by posting too many times a day you may end up losing followers rather than gaining them. Yes, your posts will be pushed for a while but the followers will soon realise you are posting very often and not everyone enjoys that and many may end up unfollowing you.


If you are spamming peoples comments section the solution is simple: stop.

If you are posting multiple times a day because you want to or have a lot of content to publish that’s okay. However, if you are posting just in order to spam the system you should rethink that strategy. Having one quality post a day instead of ten just okay posts makes a bigger difference.


I hope you guys found this information helpful. I haven’t done a blogging advice post in quite a while so I hope it wasn’t too much ramble and I hope it made sense.

Was this post helpful? Would you like to see more blogging advice posts in the future? If so, what advice should I share next? What are some ways that you grow your blog? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, I just wanted to add that I typed this entire thing with my nails looking like this:

It’s been crazy but super impressed with myself lol!

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If you feel like you don’t have enough time to take all my advice in but still want to grow your blog, consider hiring a blogging manager that can help you manage all the stuff on your blog so you can just concentrate on the content. I do offer blog management services amongst other things that can help your blog grow almost instantly. If that is something you would be interested in please click here to view all the services I offer.

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    1. Thanks so much. I was able to find it through one of the tags you used.

      I definitely understand your hesitancy in changing the theme however using a new one would be best for your site longterm since older themes that are expired are generally not user or reader friendly and have a lot of bugs since they are no longer updated. It will also mess up your SEO, DA etc.

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    I installed Grammarly (the free version), today and would like to thank you for the tip. This was just what I needed and it already feels familiar to use it.

    1. Thanks you so much. I always try to keep my posts simple and a bit more personal than the usual kind of advice posts that are just information. I personally find those a bit difficult to get through and would rather my followers don’t feel that way about my posts but also learn some information.

      Grammarly can be great and I am so happy to hear it is helping you.

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