Until Death Do Us Part

Candle beside their bed

Diamond gleaming on her finger

She lay there

A frown on her tortured yet beautiful face

She knew happiness

Was no longer an option she had

Because she had finally gotten what she wanted most

And it made her the saddest she had ever been

And the source of her sadness

Lay beside her sleeping peacefully

And there he would lay each night

Until death do them part

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64 thoughts on “Until Death Do Us Part

    1. Lol I don’t think I’m the kind of person to have a successful marriage either 😅 It’s just not for everyone in my opinion and that’s okay!

  1. Obviously married to the wrong person. My parents time, they used to say that the young girl was in a hurry to go to a wedding…and some regretted after the fact. It might have worked that way at one time. Now, often they don’t try to get counselling or figure out what is wrong or if they are incompatible and separate respectfully. They go to a lot of trouble of fighting and hating and stuff. Have big expensive divorce. Not so bad if they don’t drag children into it, but if they drag children into it, can be harmful. Most respect for people who separate and even if they aren’t fond of each other, they agree to bury the hatchet and not in each others head for the good of the children. Anyway, an older person perspective of life, divorce and child rearing 😉

    1. Yeah I think back then marriage was something women thought was essential and they would marry people who weren’t right for them sometimes due to societal pressure and desperation.
      That’s true older couples tend to try to stick together whereas the newer generations are more likely to call it quits. Which is fine but sad when children are involved. A lot of times they feel stuck in the middle of it all.

    1. So true, society likes to keep us in control through things such as marriage. The best thing to do is live the life you want to.

      1. It is really a tough problem, because you are surrounded by naysayers, cultural mongers and immediate family members. No one will help you or allow you to live out of the so called Best System (Marriage). I take this as an intellectual challenge. Think for yourself and you can find some decent solution’s. Good luck.

  2. Good morning from California,

    This poem is really sad.

    Are you doing okay? Is there anything I can do for you?

    I might be able to help. At least right now.

    Please let me know.


  3. I’m not sure how I feel about marriage anymore. I haven’t been myself, so all I have to go on is what I’ve observed from others in my family. Being married isn’t a guarantee of anything. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of love.

    I would like to be married. But the legal system can be scary for men in America. I digress.

    The best explanation that resonates is from Hank green that I’m paraphrasing: marriage is one day at a time. Every day, each person can ask: do I want to continue on another day with this person? If you can look at them and know, yes, you have your answer.

    That advice has helped me decide about other things. Helped me get through tough days, and slow down to appreciate this day.

    Thank you for writing this Pooja! I like this introspective mood you’ve got me in. Alright, gotta write too. 😉😁

    1. Thanks! I personally don’t know if I’m a marriage person. I think if I find the right person maybe but it’s extremely unlikely I will ever meet someone like that.

  4. Great words… I like the flow and the words written below. 🙂

    “A frown on her tortured yet beautiful face
    She knew happiness”

    1. Thanks. Yes, I think people hype up marriage to be more than it actually is. A lot of people are miserable they just don’t leave.

  5. Sad and beautiful poem. People talk so much about bad or unfulfilling relationships, but once they’re married, it seems like they don’t feel they’re allowed to talk about it anymore. Love this post.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah there seems to be a lot of pressure to be happy after marriage which isn’t fair since a lot of people are not.

  6. Yes, laying and watching eyes wide open. Filled with a loneliness and despair that knew no limts. Somethings in life are not to be. …

  7. I really like how you are so swift in working in different genre/niche. Your work is very smooth. Your style is so efficient, it works effectively for various genre. Best wishes Pooja.

      1. Learning a lot from you daily. There’s so much from you that I have to read. Please do not mind the notifications. One thing, I’ve felt in your blogs that although some of your blogs are long but these never get mundane. You know how to enchant the readers.

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