A Day In My Life (Work Edition)

A Day In My Life

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in forever so I thought I would do one today. The last time I did a “Day In My Life” post was before I started working and I believe it was when I was still in university. Now that I’m working, I thought it might be fun to share my new routine with you guys.

8am-9am: Morning Routine

My day usually starts with me getting out of bed (begrudgingly) at about 8am. I freshen up and try to do about 15-30 minutes of yoga and 15-30 minutes of meditation. I try to do at least just meditation if I can’t do yoga because it really helps my day go smoothly and keep me in the right headspace.

9am-10:30am: Work, Work, Work, Work!

At nine, I start working. I usually start by monitoring all the social media accounts I’m managing at the moment. Next I create posts for one of my clients as they want me to create posts from scratch as their page is for their brand and not personal. That usually takes at least an hour since I create multiple posts a day for them including editing their reels.

10:30am-11:00am: Break

I usually get a bit tired (mentally, mostly) after working for so long so I take a little half an hour break and eat or drink something for my breakfast. Most of the time I end up drinking some tea or a smoothie but these days I’ve been drinking soy milk.

11:00am-12:00am: More work

Once my break is done, I get back to work and plan some more stuff out, do some research on tags etc.

12pm-1pm: Cooking

At about 12pm I start cooking my lunch. Most of the time I opt for something simple and rice based because rice is life. I love easy and delicious rice dishes are. Sometimes I cook with my mum if she makes something I like for herself.

1pm-2pm: Lunch

I take about an hour to eat my lunch and relax a little bit.

2pm-2:50: Social Media

Actual image of how silly I look making reels lol 😂

Between 2:00pm and 2:50pm, I monitor my own social media. I go through the activity/notifications and messages if I have time. I also film reels and create posts if I have time.

2:50pm-3pm: Break


I usually take anything small break and do something relaxing like listening to music. On this day, I decided to sit on the bed and just enjoy some sun coming in from the window. Thought I would share a couple of images with all of you!

3pm-5pm: Work

Between 3pm to 5pm it’s back to work. I do some more research, take some notes on things I find important, chat with clients and more. All my clients are in different time zones at the moment so different times suit different ones best.

5pm-6pm: Social Media And Blogging

At this time, I try to do some of my own blogging and social media work. Most of the time I finish editing and scheduling my post for the day. I also reply to comments and likes on my social media at this time if I’m not done doing that in the morning.

6pm-7pm: Cooking Dinner

At about 6pm I start cooking my dinner. If my mum is doing the cooking I try to help her out since she’s not too well at the moment.

7pm-8pm: Dinner

At about 7pm I start having my dinner. It’s nice to eat with everyone around after so many years of living on my own and having meals on my own.

8pm-9pm: Work/Social Media/Blogging

Between 8pm and 9pm I work on my social media and blogging again. I like to take this time to respond to comments on my blog and visit other blogs I enjoy. I also sometimes keep posts ready for the next day for my social media pages. Mostly Instagram since I’m not very active on my other pages.

9pm-10:30pm: Spending Time With The Family

Between 9pm and 10:30pm I like to spend some time with my family. I didn’t get to do that for a long time when I was in Canada so I try to do that at least something with my parents and sister every day. We usually play cards but I’ve been trying to get them to play Monopoly once in a while instead. The problem is that we’re all super competitive and it may end in disaster lol. Sometimes we watch a TV show or movie together.

10:30pm-12pm: Final Work

Before I go to bed I like to check up on my clients one last time and make sure they don’t need any help with everything and that their sites and social pages are okay. I also like to take a look at my pages and blog and make sure everything is okay. Once I’m done with all that I meditate for a few minutes to get my brain to calm down before I go to sleep.

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84 thoughts on “A Day In My Life (Work Edition)

  1. Haha, you are so right about playing cards with family members. I usually avoid it as much as possible. I mean even playing scrabble or wordle can invoke the competitiveness in people. LOL. I guess competitiveness is wired in our gene, but the dislike of competition is probably also wired there too. We are a paradox.

  2. Wow, Pooja, you are a very busy lady! I couldn’t handle a schedule that busy these days, you are awesome! ☺️❤️

  3. Pooja do you have a podcast or is it possible you put all of these in a voice message so I can listen to it instead of reading it?

    Sorry I am too much trouble but I saw your hands picture and I think you need a break from typing.

    I work in IT. Let me know and maybe I can find some information on that for you?!

    Unless you have a disability and I can’t hear your voice then maybe you can ask a voice artist to read and record your text for you?

    Thanks for being awesome pawsome 😉

    Ellie خاله الی

    1. Yes I do have a podcast and I definitely can turn some posts into episodes when I get some time. Thanks for worrying but my hands are fine with typing- they actually love it 😂😜

  4. Nyc @pooja👍 …But how can u manage all these things ?😐& make sure one thing you should take break in between your work , yess give rest to your hands! Haha😁😛

    1. Thanks so much and I have no idea how I manage but I’m glad I do lol 😜 Thanks and I definitely take breaks to give my hands and brain some time off.

  5. You’re really amazing and hard working! Good to see that it’s going well.
    I agree with you on family getting so competitive while playing games lol, but those memories are the ones we should treasure✨

  6. Sounds like you found a good routine for yourself which is great to see.
    I also appreciate you sharing a workday that is not a typical 9 to 5 day, as many creatives have different schedules and I have often encountered judgement about this. But maybe that is a generational thing, too. However, I find it helpful to see how different ways work for different people (albeit personally, I can relate to yours in many regards).

    1. Thanks so much.

      Yes I think creatives tend to work when they are in the right mindset. I know I usually do that. I think it was a bit weird for my parents at first but they got used to it! I’m glad you can relate and it’s always nice when someone else gets it.

  7. At the moment I am going to school for my study full time. But have to say my work schedule is almost the same. Maybe my lunch break is 30 min and the only break I have till 5 pm.

    Also you’re a busy bee like me. ☺️

  8. Wow, it seems like you have a great daily routine! I really wish I managed to be that organised in my days instead of just running around the clock 😂 It’s great that you take the time to spend some quality time with your family! It’s true that it’s the types of “post-dinner hangs” that I miss too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! Haha I was like that too but since I started working I really needed a proper schedule otherwise I would have fallen apart 😅

  9. I love how structured your day is plus you fit in time to cook your own meals. That’s awesome! I need to get on your level.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah I try to cook the majority of my meals since I prefer home cooked food. I’m sure you will it just takes some time to find a schedule that works best for you!

  10. I loved this post Pooja, it’s so cool to see the perspective of you working on your own social media and other people’s! I always love your reels – they’re so funny! I’d love to see more of these day in lifes!

  11. Awesome. You’ve planned your schedule so well. I’ve tried to stick to a schedule but I’ve not become consistent. This is inspiring. Ima just try to implement your schedule and see if it will not work for me.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah it’s hard to stay consistent but this schedule works really well for me. Definitely give it a try. It may work for you as well.

  12. Love your daily routine and dedication to your blog. U re hardworking.
    I guess u are back to India and with family after years of schooling in Canada.

    Finally, u have a smooth face😇
    I think u should do a writeup on your skin routine.

  13. Your schedule is tight! But I love how you have decided to give time for cooking and family. Work work work is definitely a lot of mental stress. You are an inspiration for many young girls who juggle so many things on their own.
    Keep smiling.

      1. Little things bring major change. It may seems that how a busy person can cook, but this cooking is actually good for you. It’s giving your brain a much required break. Best wishes 🙂

  14. I try to get my partner to play Monopoly but he won’t because it “ends relationships” haha!

    Sorry this is late. Finally getting back to WP and catching up on your content! Love it all!

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