Six Word Story #172

Perfunctory love leads to loveless marriages.

Today’s Word:


1: characterised by routine or superficiality
2: lacking in interest or enthusiasm

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69 thoughts on “Six Word Story #172

      1. Guess what! I have written and published my first book. I posted it on my site. My Life From the Back Burner by La’Brea Aquaria, this is my pen name. It is on Amazon if you would like to pick up a copy. If you do, I hope you enjoy reading it. Leave me a review. Thank you. Stay safe.

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      1. I hope I didn’t come across as being negative, Pooja. I don’t recommend marriage for anyone these days, it’s too costly in many different ways when it almost ultimately falls apart. The divorce rate in the States is around 50 percent! That piece of paper can ruin your life, very sad.

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        1. Wow that is an extremely high divorce rate. It’s not you at all, I alreay feel pretty negatively towards marriage. I’ve seen too many not work out and it’s made me not want to deal with all that drama.

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            1. Absolutely! One common thing in all three of my marriages was the feeling of being trapped. Trapped in a situation that I never wanted. The only solution for me is to remain a bachelor until I croak… It’s been a long time…

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            2. Yeah I think I will feel that way too which is why I am pretty anti-marriage right now. I can’t even do long term relationships so I just know marriage isn’t going to work. I think for people who value their independence (and sanity!) being single is the answer.

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            3. Yeah, I wish I’d have figured the inependence thing out sooner! Marriage is just a piece of paper that ruins your life… That’s terribly negative of course but it’s sadly true for many of us.

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  1. The world is changing so quickly and the relationship dynamic too is changing. I mean my grandparents don’t communicate much and they have the most stable marriage that I’ve witnessed. However it’s a silent marriage that everybody has a pre-determined role. Nowadays this kind of marriage is impossible to exist.

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    1. True. Our roles have changed so much over the years and I think gender roles are no longer as rigid as they were back then. I think older people have never had the privilege of living a life with no rules.

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      1. Now looking back, I can almost see the narcissism in my maternal grandma, who always tries to be the most moral, most diligent, most whatever. I think she passed the narcissistic gene to my mother. Although in my grandma’s generation, my mother grew up in an extended family housing and the damage was minimized. Also the older generation was more laid back and more behaving according to the rigid social convention. So my grandma’s narcissism was not obvious and not as damaging and not as vicious.

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        1. I see. My maternal grandmother is quite nice but my paternal one sounds like your grandma. She can also be quite a narcissist and it can be exhausting. Luckily, she didn’t do much for my dad and he was mostly raised by his dad so he’s nothing like her.

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          1. Isn’t the dynamic between our own relatives interesting? It’s like an open plot hidden in plain sight, speaking to us almost every day without being noticed. The general before me is blind–their notion of family really blinds them and they can’t see the real thing lying before them … Yes, you are right, every family has a relative like that, who is exhausting. I mean at least one…

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            1. It’s absolutely fascinating really. As writers we create new plots but sometimes we forget we have so much inspiration to write thanks to family members lol.


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