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I have been trying some great new foods from places that offer vegan option in Nairobi and I thought it might be fun to share some reviews with you guys. I know a lot of my audience is not from Kenya and I thought you guys might be interested to see what a vegan Kenyan would eat when going out. I have been really impressed by how many vegan options are available in Kenya now considering that meat and dairy are a big part of most peoples diets here. However, I think more people are exploring veganism and vegetarianism these days and even if they aren’t fully plant based a lot of people seem to be trying to eat less meat and dairy products. Recently, I heard about this place called Falafel House and noticed that they had a lot of vegan options other places did not offer. In fact, it had the one thing I had been craving for quite a while now- the beyond burger! For that reason alone, my sister and I decided to get some burgers. They have two locations- one in Sarit Center and one in Village Market. Both menus seem to have different options so be on the lookout for that if you do decide to order from this place. Falafel House is fully vegetarian but offers vegan options.

The FH Classic Burger

Falafel House Nairobi Kenya Review Vegan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I decided to get the vegan version “FH Classic Burger” since this comes with the Beyond patty. I got two and both with one regular side. The cost of each burger was KSH1,600 which I thought was pricey for a burger but I also understood since Beyond Meat products are expensive. It came with grilled onions, gherkins and what I’m assuming is some kind of vegan sauce (probably vegan mayo). The burger looked and smelt fantastic and tasted even better than I could have imagined. The buns were also really soft and delicious. I really liked the flavours although I wish they had more options for toppings for the burger because I really like my burger with pickles and tomatoes and stuff. This one was a little small and didn’t have too much in it for a burger that costs so much. As I mentioned, I got two burger and I picked regular potato fries with one and sweet potato fries with the other but unfortunately they gave me regular fries with both and gave my sister sweet potato fries by mistake when she had ordered the regular fries. It wasn’t a big deal and we just shared the fries anyway but I just thought I would mention it.

Get Beanie Burger

Falafel House Nairobi Kenya Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My sister ordered the “Get Beanie Burger” and she absolutely LOVED it. It looked so delicious and according to her it tasted fantastic too. She also really liked my sweet potato fries she had accidentally gotten and after trying them I have to say they were better than the regular ones even though the regular ones were great too. She had plenty of toppings which I was a little jealous of lol. Her burger cost KSH900 which was not too bad for a burger with a side. She did say that it was a little small though and a bit dry since they had not added any sauces or anything to her burger. I couldn’t try her burger because it had avocado and I’m allergic.


Overall, I did enjoy the food a lot but I think it was a little pricey so when I get it in the future it will be more of a treat rather than something I order often. I think this place is the only one that offer Beyond Meat options in my area so that is pretty great but they should definitely get some more toppings options lol! I will 100% order from them again though.

Have you ever tried a Beyond burger? Or any Beyond Meat products? If so, did you like them? Let me know in the comments below because I really want to know especially from people who have eaten meat burgers. How does Beyond burgers taste to you? I’m very curious to know!

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51 thoughts on “Falafel House Review

  1. I would try them, but the thing that stops me from trying this kind of food is the huge sodium content. Bummer. What would they taste like without the sodium… I’ve never heard of that money system, Pooja, how do those prices translate into Canadian dollars?

    1. That’s true- the sodium levels are really not great. Another reason I don’t eat them too often. It’s about $10 for the beanie burger qnd $17 for the beyond. I wish they made the patties more healthy but unfortunately that’s probably not going to happen 😢

  2. Interesting! Here they have gluten free pizza with beyond meat. They are really good. I watch for them to go on sale. Do you know what the equivalent in Canadian or even US dollars is for the burgers?

    1. The get beanie burger is 9.76 Canadian dollars

      The fh classic burger is 17.35! Canadian dollars

    2. I’ve had those from Pizza Pizza when I was trying to eat less gluten. They’re really good. It’s about $10 in CAD for the beanie burger and $17 for the other one.

      1. They make frozen ones I can find at the local grocery store. Was excited to find them as the pizzas are good. Wow….burgers have gone up from when I was able to eat them :-O

        1. Omg I forgot Beyond makes vegan frozen pizzas now!! I think they also use Beyond meat on Daiya pizzas. They’re super delicious I used to eat both occasionally. Yup burgers are so pricey now so they’re only a treat.

  3. I’m hearing about it for the first time. Seems delicious!
    I would have to explore to know if my city offers something like this. In recent years, there are lots of places/options opened in my city and I haven’t explored any of those. Also, the concept of veganism is not available here. People here are more interested in fast foos and stuff (not vegan).
    A great share, best wishes

    1. Thanks! Yeah I know veganism hasn’t hit Asian countries as much but I think there are still a lot of great vegan options in India if you look for them. My parents visited a few years ago and they were happy with the vegan options since they were avoiding animal products at the time.

      1. Actually yes, vegan options can be find out. But, my city is small. I live in udaipur city, it’s not huge as compare to major Indian cities. So, that’s why we have limited options. It’s hard to find stuff like coconut milk or things. Here in india more focus is on diary products and all. There’s thing like vegan meat (which is made without any animal), but then it’s not available in my city. So, yes, it will take some years. Btw, I would like to learn more about what food is available at your city. It will be very educative.

        1. Oh I see. You’re right, Indian food has so much dairy even the vegetarian options. I understand it must be more difficult to get vegan options in a smaller city. I guess over time they will be available.

          I will definitely be sharing more information on the vegan products in Nairobi. I live in the capital city so it’s not difficult to get most things.

  4. I haven’t tried any beyond meat yet. It’s on my to-do list, but it’s more fun for me to learn how to make vegan foods. I’m always so interested in what sort of dishes people eat in the various African counties. I’m very familiar with European cooking, pretty familiar with Asian cooking, and vaguely familiar with South American cooking, but I know nothing about African cuisines.

    1. Making your own vegan food definitely hits different. I love cooking too but sometimes I just need a vegan burger haha.
      I guess in Kenya we eat Beyond burgers… Just kidding. I have eaten a lot of vegan food from different African countries and haven’t been disappointed yet. I would definitely recommend trying Kenyan or Ethiopian food. They’re my favourite.

  5. I haven’t tried Beyond Burgers before but I am a burger aficionado and make my own every other Tuesday. I am trying to eat less meat but I was bought up on soy mince since my family couldn’t afford much meat and my Mum doesn’t like “b****red up meat” so to me vegetarian mince now tastes like forced decisions and poverty lol. That said I prefer Quorn nuggets to regular chicken nuggets (some types are vegan too so look out for those) so not all vegan or vegetarian options are a no for me. How will Beyond fair? Only one way to find out lol. Look out for the review 😉

    By the way being allergic to avo isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I tried it for the first time a few days ago and I don’t know how anyone can eat it. I don’t like peas but I will eat peas by the bucketful and without complaint if I can never eat avocado again lol.

    1. Ha! My mum is so picky about food too so I definitely get your mum. I am sooo excited to see what you think of Beyond Meat especially since you’re so particular. I don’t eat burgers often so I’m not picky and will eat most patties.

      The issue is I actually like the taste of avocados so I’m sad I can’t eat them 😫

      1. Oh no Mum isn’t picky, she just doesn’t like processed meat lol. I asked Matt to pick some at the store but they didn’t have any so I’ll have to see if I can’t get them next week on my big grocery shop instead. I like patties, but I like flavour and I’ve had some beef patties before that were just dry and tough so it will be interesting to see how a not-meat patty compares between “good patty” and “bad patty” lol. I was disappointed by your review though, I was expecting actual falafels, which I love. I feel let down now Pooja! Haha.

        Oh no, that’s unfortunate if you like the taste of them. I didn’t find the taste so bad but the texture was offputting, maybe i just don’t like mushy things? I’m allergc to strawberries myself, which is a pain because I love the taste of strawberry flavour lol

        1. Oh I see. Well hopefully you can get them next week. Haha I love falafels too but prefer the ones I make at home 😜

          I think it depends on how you eat it. I don’t like avocados on their own but they taste nice in certain dishes like in sandwiches. Oh no that’s awful- strawberries are so good!

  6. I’ve never tried beyond burger or beyond meat before. And with your recommendation, i will keep my eyes peeled in grocery stores to see if I can find it in the vegan section. i hope they are marketed in the U.S. too. I just googled and it is said they are on sale in Walmart. I need to try them next time.

    1. Yeah they are available at most places in the US. They are also on sale a lot. I would also recommend their vegan sausages. I really loved them.

  7. I have tried and like Beyond burgers. I think I prefer impossible to beyond, but they’re both delicious and beyond seems to be easier to find (around here anyway, and that’s still not “easy” per se). I used to eat beef and I think both of these are very impressive imitations, both for flavor and texture.
    Was the get beanie burger like a black bean patty? Is that a brand of burger or just a FH item?

    1. I’ve tried both too but I tend to prefer the beyond ones. The impossible ones are really good too. Interesting to know they’re similar and I think both make a great substitute.
      Yeah it was a black bean patty that was made by FH.

  8. Wow 😮 I had no idea Kenya was so expensive. Your burger with fries was 13.5 USD and your sisters was 7.6 USD. Here it’s 4.6 USD after the inflation and we consider it expensive because 1 USD used to be 1,500 LL and now it’s 29,800 LL

    1. No, Kenya is actually very affordable to live in it’s just this burger that was crazy expensive! That’s why it’s only going to be a treat lol 😂

  9. Too bad you are allergic to avocados. Did you eat too many at one point? I found I had an allergy to oranges for a while because I ate or drank too many as a kid. But now I can handle oranges again.

    I tried Beyond Meat twice. I didn’t like the smell. Bill and Melinda Gates had $24 million in Beyond Meat stock and then sold it. Kinda makes me wonder why Bill Gates was interested in fake meat. It was also made in a lab in San Diego. I prefer food made in a garden that looks like food. I really love Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger. It’s got that juicy meaty look that is popular now. There is also a quinoa burger at the Burger Lounge in San Diego that is orgasmic. The restaurant has expanded to the Bay Area. Happy Vegan!

    1. No, I’ve just never been able to avocados unfortunately. It sucks but it is what it is.

      I see, yeah Beyond Meat is definitely not for everyone. I really like Dr. Praeger’s patties too. I used to eat their black bean one a lot. These days I prefer to make my own patties but eat out once in a while.

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