Quote Of The Day #57

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53 responses to “Quote Of The Day #57”

  1. If only everyone had the option, and the means, to do what they love. ❤️

    1. I wish that would happen. I know way too many people stuck at jobs they hate. 😞

      1. I don’t actually know anyone who finds purpose, happiness, or meaning in their jobs.. and few who find it in the day to day. It’s hard to when, for the most part, people are just trying to get by.
        Can you imagine how much of a difference it would make if people actually enjoyed what they did?

        1. Wow that’s really sad. Although I know some people who dislike their jobs, most of my friends really like their jobs.
          That would make a huge difference and I think mental health issues would go down significantly. I feel like stress and unhappiness due to work conditions play a big role in illness especially mental illness.

          1. It is!
            And I agree with you. I think both mental and physical health are damaged by a persons unhappiness at work.. and that doesn’t even touch on how it effects personal relationships.
            I doubt it will ever change, though.

            1. With the constantly increasing prices and wages not increasing most people are stuck at jobs whether they want to be there or not. It’s sad but that’s the system we live in.

              1. You’re not kidding about prices increasing!
                Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t keep recalling contaminated food but it seems like there’s something new every day and that just drives the prices up further. Gas is beyond ridiclous.
                Everyone’s feeling the pressure.
                But you’re right.. this is the way things go. We’ll bounce back, we just have to hang in there until it does.

                1. Yeah it’s like that all over the world unfortunately. Life is tough right now but you’re right we just have to hang in there and have hope that things will improve.

                  1. Truth.
                    If only it didn’t seem like a never-ending story.

                    1. It really does sometimes and if I think too much about it I feel kind of depressed. But I try to stay positive as much as possible.

                    2. It make things easier on everyone to just focus on the good whenever you can. ❤️

                    3. Honestly, it does. If we just focus on negatives I think we’ll all lose our minds.

                    4. I agree.
                      Some days are so much harder than others, though.

                    5. Yeah that’s true. Some days it’s tough to tune out all the negative stuff.

                    6. And some days the negative stuff just plows right over you and there is no ‘tuning’ it out, there’s only survival. 😵‍💫

                    7. Yup those days are the worst. Those days are why I’m in therapy lol.

                    8. Those days are probably why we should all be in therapy. 😵‍💫

                    9. Ughh true 😢

  2. Love what you do, never work a day!

    1. Exactly!

  3. If we are doing something we love. We can definitely give our 100%.
    Great share, Pooja. Keep shining

    1. Yes definitely, thanks so much.

  4. So true 🔥

    1. Thanks 😄

  5. You know you are right on the point. I used to try so hard to please people I couldn’t please, to do things that I was not good at, to help people I couldn’t really help. It is the pleasure of things. I finally learned my lesson. If I don’t feel the pleasure of it, I just have to give it up. ASAP. Don’t waste our life on things that’s unpleasant.

    1. I was like that too and at the end of the day it just made me unhappy and burnt out. We should focus on what brings us happiness instead.

  6. Very true!

    1. Thank you!

  7. Nice one.

    1. Thank you.

  8. It’s so true. One can’t progress in something unless he or she enjoy doing it.

    1. Yes, absolutely.

  9. Very true! The toxic culture and work environment doesn’t give room for this. Also the need for survival too. A good many sacrifice a lot to stay in a job that puts for on their table.

    1. Yes, I totally agree. A lot of work places can be quite toxic which makes it impossible for the workers to enjoy what they do.

      1. This is rather sad.

        1. It really is.

  10. If you love what you do, your job becomes a hobby.

    1. Yes, exactly.

  11. Every false illusion I naïvely sold my immature self were merely inspirational sparks clinging to hope before becoming the breathing fire I am today. Poet of the Light 2022

    1. Wow that’s one incredible quote by you.

      1. Thank you my friend.

  12. Definitely!

    1. Glad you agree!

  13. Great quote ! A lot of people should take a look at this

    1. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you sooo much!

  14. It certainly helps that’s for sure Pooja!! 💖

    1. Absolutely!

  15. Hmm, deep and lovely quote💗

    1. Thanks so much 💖

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