Six Word Story #176

“I’ll change” was no longer enough.

I know I usually share a new word with my six word posts but this one just came to me so I had to share it. It actually came to me because of a show I recently watched called Couple Of Mirrors. It’s a Chinese drama and it was fantastic. I hope to do a full review soon but I would 10/10 recommend checking it out. Do leave a six word story in the comments!

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40 thoughts on “Six Word Story #176

  1. Ah, Couple of Mirrors. I’ve heard that drama is quite good, but you know China and their censorship rules…The original novel featured the two female leads as friends to lovers, I believe, but of course it was changed for the drama. No offense to China (I’m Chinese, though American-born with a fusion of both cultures) but the government there can’t possibly think they can pretend forever that LGBT+ people don’t exist in their society.


    1. Yeah it’s fantastic but I admit it’s extremely censored. I remember reading somewhere that it is originally supposed to be that the two female leads become romantically involved however that part is obviously censored on the show. I think some other parts are censored too but I was surprised because some things were left in that I would have thought they would have censored.

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      1. Yes, the censorship is insane. I’ve heard about previous Chinese novels being adapted to dramas where the male leads were in love or become romantically involved but for the drama versions it was completely cut out or they left some things in to imply a strong bond between the two people but never outright made it clear there could be feelings of a romantic nature.

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        1. Yeah almost everything that has any sort of LGBT+ scenes/storyline or anything the government doesn’t agree with is censored. In this show too, there were some very subtle implications but that was pretty much it.

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      1. Thanks! Yeah, I found your blog pretty soon after I started mine and I really liked this story telling format. On the one hand, it’s a challenge to convey anything (let alone a story) with so much brevity. On the other hand, those constraints are a bit freeing bc the constraints limit the choices.

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