Quote Of The Day #59

I wanted to share this quote in particular today but it’s been a bit of a weird day for me with ups and downs but thanks to therapy I’ve learnt to deal with the downs better instead of letting my emotions get the best of me. I’m REALLY proud of how I dealt with an emotion evoking situation today and it helps me see that I’m on the right path. So back to the quote, it came to mind today because I needed to remember that nothing is permanent and that what I’ve been through isn’t as important as the future.

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57 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #59

  1. I’m very proud of you! Bravo! Our troubles don’t go away but our ability to spot them and take corrective action for ourselves. You are on the path!!

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  2. As long as you feel you’re making progress for yourself, I’m truly happy for you.
    “When others have already trespassed upon you, it serves you nothing but more pain to mimic their unjust breach. Don’t become a victim to your victimization.” PotL..

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  3. Yes, therapy can be very helpful. I’ve seen many videos of people getting psychological help after surviving narcissistic relationship. Sometimes I wonder if I should go to see a therapist. Maybe one day.

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    1. Yeah therapy has been great especially now that I’ve found a therapist that works well for me. I would definitely recommend going to therapy for anyone that has been through something like that in their past. Narcissists really mess up their victims and sometimes we need help to overcome that trauma.


    2. Definitely see a therapist if you think it will help, the right therapist can be life-changing! I am a survivor of childhood emotional abuse and recently an emotionally abusive relationship, I also had therapy three times for bullying, and again for OCD and suicidal thoughts. I don’t regret regret one bit. Therapy can really help you to see your strengths and to find ways to not let the narc’s comments get to you. Also, a therapist can talk to you about things like journalling, meditation and mindfulness, which can also be really beneficial in strengthening you and your recovery from that situation. Good luck, and I hope you find your inner peace again soon.

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  4. This is a beautiful quote; and I’m so glad that it gave you strength and peace of mind. Congratulations on the progress you’re making… those of us who are brave enough to attempt such a journey deserve every bit of joy that comes from choosing the higher path. Much love! 🥰

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  5. I’m so sorry that yesterday was tough for you, I hope that today has been better. It’s so important to look forward and actually looking back only ever leads us to despair. I remember reading somewhere that anxiety is thinking about the future and depression is thinking about the past, but true peace and happiness can be found right in the moment. Has your therapist suggested mindfulness or meditation to you at all?

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    1. Thanks so much and yes it did get better. I absolutely agree and unfortunately I have both depression and anxiety so that’s always a blast lol.

      Yes, I’ve been meditating for years now and she did teach me about mindfulness and sent some very interesting information about it.


      1. Oh yes I know it, add disassociative episodes and bizarre thoughts into the mix as well and who needs horror movies? Lol.

        That’s good, I’m glad. If you have an Android phone, take a look at Woebot. It’s a free AI app that gives you tips, tricks and insights on mental health, as well as helping you tackle thoughts and feelings and record moods, which is really useful. I was able to recognise that I was always low on a Monday, which was usually when I would chat to my ex more after a weekend of not talking much (because he was hiding me from his family!). I find it a bit condescending sometimes though lol.

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