5 Habits That Help Your Mental Health

Lifestyle And Mental Health

Mental health is something that has become more openly talked about in the recent years. Although it can still be more of a taboo subject compared to physical illnesses, it’s still a topic that is being given more attention and importance. And rightfully so.

Nearly one billion people around the world suffer from mental health problems and unfortunately, a large number of those are not able to receive treatment for it. Not everyone has the privilege of going to a professional whenever they choose to because for a lot of people around the world that isn’t even an option. Although I always recommend going to a professional when and if you can, I also understand that’s not possible for everyone and that’s why I like to share such tips because lifestyle changes can really help people suffering from mental health issues.

Personally, I believe that your lifestyle and daily habits do play a role in your mental health and they do tend to effect it either directly or indirectly. Having a healthy lifestyle has been shown to improve ones mental health and can lead to a decrease in symptoms for a number of mental health disorders such as depression.

Whether you are taking medication, going to therapy or trying alternative ways to deal with your mental health, I think it’s a great idea to include some habits in your life that will consequently help improve your mental health. Here are some that have helped me and hopefully will help you too:

Meditation And Yoga

I always add mediation and yoga to these posts of mine because those are two things that have benefited me more than anything. Meditation is a great way to control your mind and learn how to control certain symptoms of mental illnesses. I would highly recommend starting and ending your day with some meditation even if it’s for a few minutes.

Exercise has also been shown to be very beneficial for people with mental health illnesses especially those with illnesses like depression, anxiety and bipolar. I’m not a fan of more difficult exercises and that’s why I always opt for yoga. Yoga is more relaxing and grounding for me. But feel free to exercise in whatever way suits you best. Just make sure you’re doing some sort of physical exercise everyday.

Healthy Eating

I’ve noticed a big correlation between my mental health and my diet. Whenever I eat healthier and more natural I feel a lot better and of course vice versa. And I’ve heard multiple people tell me that its the same for them. If you are having mental health issues of any kind I would really recommend trying to eat healthier.

Getting Enough Sleep

One thing I have noticed is that when you get enough sleep you just instantly feel a lot better and when you don’t get enough sleep your day just seems to be off. I have experienced this myself and have noticed I feel much more anxious or out of it when I don’t get the right amount of sleep or when I am exhausted.

Getting the right amount of sleep can be wonderful for your mental health.


Self-care is really important for your mental health. I think self-care means different things to different people. For some people self-care can be the bigger things like going to a spa, going to a retreat and more. For some people it can just be taking a nice long bath and having a nap.

No matter what self-care means to you, just go for it. Treat yourself every once in a while because you’re important too.


I realised that I hadn’t written a mental health post in quite a while and usually I share tips for something more specific but today I wanted to share a more general post. I hope these lifestyle changes are helpful to anyone reading this who many be suffering from mental health problems.

What are some habits you have that help with your mental health? Let me know in the comments below.


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100 thoughts on “5 Habits That Help Your Mental Health

  1. Smart, common-sense ideas anyone can do. But they require a little effort. That alone is a turnoff to some.

    Speaking of turning off, a huge way to help your mental health is to not watch TV of any kind, and only use your phone for actual phone calls (and limit those, too). Do it for a month–anyone can, unless they’re an addict. Your brain will feel different.

  2. Good post, Pooja! I would also say that being mindful of how we talk to yourselves is important. If someone is always putting himself down, then he’d be holding himself back and maybe even sometimes harming himself. But if that person chooses to treat himself with kindness and gentleness, that can make a big difference by boosting self esteem, relieving depression, etc.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you’re absolutely right. How we talk to ourselves makes a huge difference and can really help out mental health.

    1. I resonate with you totally 🌸❤️.
      If i don’t get proper sleep, it is bound that i will have headache in next few hours😂.
      Secondly as u said, after eating fast food it feels like kya yaar kya kha liya tune firse , u know healthy nhi hai fir vi 😂.

      Then pampering yourself and dairy writing helps me a lot to vent out my inner problems and yeah crying sometimes too. It releases my anger , sadness and afterwards i feel light and relaxed 😌.

      It’s a get content piece ❤️. Really appreciate it

  3. This is a great and well written post, pooja. Personally, eating healthier, getting enough rest/sleep and self-care have also helped in improving my mental health.

  4. For me it is: putting myself first and cutting off people who are not good for my mental health. I feel no shame in just coldly cutting out friends if spending time with them or talking to them makes me anxious or pulls me down.
    Also having quality ‘me time’ helps me a lot.

    1. I feel the same way, if someone is no longer good for you it’s fine for you to cut them off because it’s for the best. “Me time” is definitely great.

  5. Your health blogs always mesmerize me. I love how beautifully and simply you write them. I also want to write a blog on mental health. But, this topic scare me. I have zero clue, how and what to write.
    This post of yours is very informative (content wise) and very well written, with precise guidance. This blog actually gave me an idea and I will try to write something with it.
    I agree with these points. I suffered from depression in 2019-20, and workout really helped me in those times. We should prioritize “Me-time”. But, staying alone could also be dangerous, and I think, It’s okay to get help of family and friends. Professional help is also a good idea, but as you have mentioned, It’s not possible for everyone. People need to see any changes, they notice in their loved ones and should get them help. Observation is important in it.

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you write some posts about this topic soon too. I think it’s a bit daunting but worth writing about.

      I’m really glad this was informative. I totally agree with the points you mentioned and I’m glad your mental health is better now.

      1. When I started blogging, I wrote on this topic. But, never tried it again. I have a blog idea about me-time. I got a lot of inspiration for this blog of yours. I had something like this in mind. You connected the dots 😀

    2. Sometimes the best thing to share is only your experiences, where you are now, where you have been and the lessons you have learned along the way. Don’t forget, therapists read from the same textbooks, but you are not a book, you are are your own person, with your own individual experiences to share. I hope that helps 😊

  6. A good constructive post on an important topic, Pooja👍🙂 I agree that our daily habits have an impact on our mental well being.

  7. Journalling! I am so, so behind journalling for better mental health. It’s like having a best friend that listens, doesn’t judge and just… gets you. The first time I ever journalled for my mental health, my entry started like “well I suppose I better get this f*cking thing done then” and now I get antsy if I CAN’T journal. My mind is always thinking, always wanting to write. I’d hate to call it an addiction, but it’s close lol.

    Naps are definitely amazing, and I love to combine mine with some ASMR. When I’m stressed then it feels like the tingles are just melting my tension away, which is awesome.

    Listening to music – did you know music therapy is a thing? You start off listening to something really angry, and gradually you take it down until you wind up listening to something like Mozart or Bach. Binaural beats really help with meditation too.

    Laughter – They say laughter is the best medicine, and I think there’s maybe some science to that. Sometimes we think we’re alone with our darkest thoughts, but when we discover how many other people have them, we can start to laugh at them instead. On the whole, finding genuine people that you can bond with and talk to is equally invaluable.

    Pet therapy – our fur babies make the world a better place, and it seems for good reason. Whether you’re just petting them or playing a game of fetch with them, time with animals can be very soothing.

    Shinrin Yoku/Forest Bathing/Time in nature – there is scientific evidence that as little as fifteen minutes a day in a green space (park, forest etc) can reduce stress and improve your mental health. Take up gardening, or find out where your local nature reserve is and make the most of it.

    Deep breathing/progressive muscle relaxation. There are lots of talk-throughs on YouTube, or you can use sources like Calm.com (unafiliated) for free.

    Finally, have a look for free apps. The one I really love and highly recommend is Woebot (also unaffiliated), a cute (if slightly condescending) AI robot that can help you tackle your thoughts and teach you some ways to better your mental health. He’s completely free and will prompt you at random times throughout the day to check in with your mental health. Call him a therapist in your pocket 😉

    Sorry for taking over Pooja, you know I’m happy to contribute wherever and as much as I can on such an important topic 😊

    1. I’m always happy to read your contributions so don’t apologize! That’s all really great information.

      I have started journalling because my therapist recommended it and it has been quite helpful. I haven’t gotten too into it yet but I’m enjoying it whenever I’m able to journal.

      The rest sounds amazing too, thank you for sharing the information! 😊

                  1. Regarding you comment on my post, WordPress seems to be screwing me over right now. Posts by category is working fine on my sister site, but the blog archive seems to be broken. To add to that, I can’t seem to reply to your comment because of some issue with Jetpack. It shall be a fun afternoon! Lol

                    1. Wow, that sucks but I can’t say it’s unexpected. WP has a way of screwing us all over. Hope everything gets fixed soon.

                    2. Thanks, one of my robot vacuums has died a death today as well so that’s done wonders for my mood lol

                    3. Of course, I know how difficult WP can be sometimes. It’s like they go out of their way to become less and less user friendly.

                    4. I hadn’t noticed… haha. I’ve fixed both issues now anyway so that should be both sites back to normal 🙂

  8. I have personally found almost everything on your list to be beneficial — especially (as you said) when I find myself slipping into a bout of depression. (For me, physical exercise is the biggest boon to a more positive state of mind.) Meditation is the only thing on the list that I find difficult to do. I kind of live by the motto that my mind is a dangerous place that I should not enter alone. 😂 I have tried several meditation “apps” to guide me through the process… but for some reason, I find it more frustrating than relaxing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Meditation is a tough one. It takes so much practice for you to get to a point where you can do it well. It took me months to even get my brain to shut up while I meditate lol 😂

  9. I really enjoyed your article on mental health. Everyone deals with it in their own way. My life was turned upside down after a blood clot burst in the back of my head. I struggled with depression and PTSD for many years. I saw a therapist, but for me, the self-help was key. I found hobbies that I enjoy doing and going to my happy place. For me, it was the beach. I found reasons to wake up every morning with a smile on my face by accepting my situation for what it was and I knew I had to make the best of it, despite the changes. I just graduated from college and now I’m looking for work. I started writing a short time ago and that seems to help too.

    1. I’m sorry you went through that but it seems you’re handling a tough situation very well. I think self-help can be incredibly helpful and focusing on the positives can make a huge difference for depression.

  10. Writing, exercise and healthy eating is huge for me. When I want to eat junk I just write about it in a story, haha. 🙂 I agree with all your tips. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mental health is a ‘silent pandemic’. I’m glad you are taking part in the fight through awesome blogs like this one. Asante, Pooja.

  12. This is agreat list! I think I should definitely try meditating more but I find it really hard, especially when I’m having an off day… I also notice that my mood changes a lot if I didn’t get enough sleep! Thanks for the reminder on the importance of mental health!

    1. Thank you! Yeah meditation can be difficult since you have to really concentrate your mind but it does get easier over time. And yes sleep makes a big difference in mood!

  13. It is such a balance, all things true, and I would also add spiritual health, and self expression – arts, music, sport, journaling, and a IRL social networking of family or friends to lend support. Well said.

  14. One of my major things when I’m feeling low is to remind myself that it will get better. I know that sounds like a cop out, but if you can sum up a memory of a brighter day, then try to realise that no matter how low you feel right now, there will be brighter days ahead. It’s not just “shaking it off” (trust me, I absolutely know that doesn’t work), instead, it’s an acceptance of how you feel right now, and that that is totally valid, but also knowing that it isn’t forever.

    1. That’s a great way to think when you’re in a slump. I think it’s okay to experience negative emotions but it’s also a good idea to remind yourself that it’s not all bad. Things will always get better and there will be better times in the future.

  15. I love the list, exercising has been a big factor to my grieving process. Oddly enough I love sports and my favorite thing to do is watch highlights of my sports teams recent games, player highlights, etc.. it brings me comfort and helps me free my mind.

  16. Great post! I really appreciated your mention of some people not having the privilege of going to a professional. Thank you for these tips. Hope you have a great day.

  17. Thank you for sharing these useful tips, been looking for something mental health related like this for so long. Short and very informative!

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