Why Does Greenland Hate Me?

I don’t have a post ready for today so I am going to do what I do best- whine. After all, this is Lifesfinewhine. It’s still called that right? I am sort of losing my memory now that I’m old, greying and have started to get forehead wrinkles. Or it could be due to the lack of sleep and awful lifestyle. But I’m going to choose to blame it on age. Anyway, today we will be whining about Greenland.

Now back to Greenland and the whining. I have noticed that there are so many countries I have gotten views from, almost all of them actually. But, in all my years as a blogger I have never gotten a single view from Greenland.

Greenland is the one my wonky arrow is pointing at…

And I have just one question for them- Greenland, what’s good?

miley cyrus 2015 vmas GIF

Seriously, why do you guys hate lifesfinewhine? Are the lifesfinewhiners not good enough for you?

Sad Rabbit GIF by Muffin & Nuts

I was randomly going through my yearly views and was so happy to see so many views from so many different countries. And then, as we humans do I noticed the places I had no views from. So now, I’m choosing to fixate on that instead of appreciate the many other countries I get views from. And people say being human isn’t great. We have amazing perks like broken brains, who wouldn’t want this?? Who wouldn’t want to fixate on dumb things that don’t matter their whole life?

Anyway, do you guys get views from Greenland? And more importantly, do you think you’re better than me just because Greenland loves you? Let me know in the comments below…

better than me tossing drink GIF

I hope you enjoyed this filler post. I’m having a rough day and did not have any ideas on what to post, lol. Then I saw this post in my drafts and thought “bingo!” Hope you guys are having a better day than me! Also, feel free to share this post with anyone you know in Greenland. Or just randomly share it with the tag “Greenland.” Let’s get Lifesfinewhine to Greenland. I believe in you my fellow lifesfinewhiners! We can do this!

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135 thoughts on “Why Does Greenland Hate Me?

  1. This is hilarious. I love this post. I hardly have views from other countries from what I assume to be a language barrier and not being on here that long. I wonder what people from Greenland like?

    Also, this reminds me of Plague Inc.😂

      1. It’s a video game (mobile and desktop) that you get to control diseases and take over the world by k*lling everyone or by controlling everyone. They also have fun side games.

  2. I have no idea where my followers are from myself. Anything more than one (in case I’m shadowing myself) is a sucess in my book. Does that make me less grateful or more obtusely ignorant? I have to digress and go whine somewhere. 😉

      1. Well in that case, I do hope there are plenty of puppies, back rubs, air condtioning, and hot coccoa. Oh, and if I’m going to act spoiled, do note I don’t do clean ups but a nice soft blankey would be nice, in case I feel chilled during my nap. 😉

  3. ok, you made me check…I don’t have any views from Greenland either, but I had 1 from Iceland. I have 191 from “unknown region”. How can Google not know where 191 viewers are from?

    1. Wow that’s so many views it’s so strange they don’t know where those views are from. I’ve never had views that weren’t from a specific region.

  4. I’ve never gotten pageviews from Greenland, either.

    By the same token, I’ve never gotten pageviews from Iran, Afghanistan, or one of the other ‘Stans.

    So, it’s not just you that Greenland apparently has issues with.

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Pooja. And, you are still young! Now that you mention it, I have never received anything from Greenland either. I guess they don’t have internet way up there? Or, some stupid government restrictions? No idea.

    1. Thanks! I think it must be a government restriction of some sort because I’ve heard there is internet there. How odd though why restrict blogs.

      1. You know more than I, Pooja! Maybe they are isolationists? Yet, they do have a tourist industry. maybe we should visit and get the facts!

        1. Yeah they have a pretty good tourism industry so I’m not sure what the issue would be. Maybe WordPress doesn’t offer their services in Greenland?

  6. You are getting old??
    You are gen z!!
    It’s your lifestyle and work schedule 😅
    Please take good care of yourself ☀️
    About Greenland, you need 2-3 posts for Greenland to see if you get any activity.
    Probably, people don’t use American sites there much. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    This post was great. I should too, start keeping stuff in drafts (which I generally avoid). But, you gave me idea, when I’ve nothing to share I’ll just reshare other’s blogs 😛

      1. Greenland has a population of approx. 56,600 which is the size of a small city. It also has harsh seasons. Despite the name, the country is covered in ice.

        1. Yeah I’ve read about that but it also gets quite a bit of tourism which makes me feel like it probably does have Wifi especially in some areas.

  7. Ha ha excellent post. I remember when I was on my numbers of traffic and countries around the world, I would always look at my yearly wrap up to see how many countries in the world I have reached. it’s exciting, but yea, WHAT’S GOOD Greenland, show my people’s some love!!! 🙂

  8. This post made me laugh!! You are so funny Pooja even when you’re having a rough day. Thanks for lifting my spirit with the Greenland post. I hope your weekend gets better.
    “Fighting” is what we Koreans say to encourage another person to “keep going” and “fight on.”
    I also have no readers from Greenland. If I get one, I’ll give a shout out. Hope you get some Greenland readers. Maybe this post will do it!!

    1. Haha happy to heat that! Things are already looking up.

      I have heard people say “fighting” a lot in Kdramas so I’ve been saying it too now lol.

  9. You are hysterical Pooja! Sorry you’re having a bad day but this must have perked you up a lil. love the gifs. Do you want some of my Greenland followers? hahaha🤣. Teasing.. i never would have even thought of this but now I’m gonna look. It the absolute perfect thing to do when you want to distract a busy mind.. 😂💗

  10. Soo my thinking is that Greenland is sort of like what people imagine Iceland would be, it’s quite icy and mountainous. Take it from someone who goes to Cornwall, it can be bad enough down there and the hills are nothing by way of comparison 🤣 you can get wifi in some villages, but if you’re on the hills, you’re stuffed. You might just get some wifi if you go stand where there are literally no buildings around you, but it’s no commodity.
    I haven’t had any views from Greenland either, but this is my logic. If the wifi is patchy, blogging might not even be a thing 🤣

    1. Yeah I have seen a lot of pictures and videos of it. I also learnt that they called it Greenland to attract people there and thought no one would go there if they called it something like Iceland lol. It could definitely be due to a lack of proper WiFi.

    1. I’m 25 but look like I’ll be 40 in November. Kidding, it’s not that bad but I started greying early. It’s in my genes. You definitely don’t look 40. I would never have guessed.

  11. Maybe you can study up on ballistic missile early warning systems and get a job at the Thule Air Base and then you’ll get a view from inside Greenland. But it might be easier to learn the Greenlander language. I don’t know which is harder. But the problem then would be that everything is so secret. It’ll probably be easier to join the hunt for caribou in the fall, foxes and hares year round, musk-oxen and polar bear in the spring, but then the computer links might not be so good out on the ice.

  12. I checked my stats. None from Greenland but I have 1 view from Iceland. I love seeing new countries pop up… Now I’ll have to keep a lookout for Greenland. 🙂

  13. ..maybe people in Greenland don’t speak English? I’m horrible at geography lol. But it might be a matter of someone from Greenland seeing your posts by chance. I think. Anyways, they sure are missing a lot

  14. Ahaha love this post! I checked my all time stats too and Greenland was grey there too (as well as many other countries tbh ahaha)! I love looking at country stats because I always feel like they are a bit “random” ahah! Please let us know if you manage to reach Greenland one day! I believe in you! 😀

    1. I love looking at country stats too because I’m always surprised by the places I get views from. Some are very random! Haha will definitely let everyone know if I ever get one from Greenland!

  15. Pooja, I don’t understand why having Greenland in your corner is so important. I think what you write is very helpful and entertaining at times. So what if some other country doesn’t find you. Maybe they don’t have good internet service over there. Just saying. Have a better day.

    1. Don’t worry I was only kidding. I would love to get views from Greenland but I am perfectly content without them. It may be an internet issue or it could be a language barrier.

  16. I don’t get any viewer from Greenland but I have 1 from Iceland. There is one of unknown region. I also wonder why these people are not interested in reading and writing.

  17. I have no views from Greenland either now that you mention it. I wonder why? Maybe if we would do some research on the country and write about it, maybe it will get their attention. It was just a thought. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  18. I can’t say if i have had any view from Greenland. Well then, there are so many other countries i have yet to conquer. Maybe after then, I can think of Greenland.

  19. Mayhap it’s because secretly, Greenland is a dictatorship biding it’s time to invade the Western powers in a move no one would see coming, so they shut down the internet to avoid giving away their dastardly plan?

  20. I had never heard of Greenland until recently when global warming is becoming so alarming that the ice and the glaciers are all disappearing in Greenland…

  21. The population density in Greenland is 0 per Km2 (0 people per mi2). The total land area is 410,450 Km2 (158,476 sq. miles); So yeah like only 56,000 people. Of those I guess a priority maybe staying warm, and avoiding polar bears ?? So naive, apologies, rather than blogging. P.s I don’t have any blog views from them either. whether my blog is better is very subjective and hard to define, so I will say it is “different” and currently not as popular 🙂

  22. Lol I heard first time about this country.
    Don’t worry you’ll definitely get views from this country as well.
    I hope you you get good views from India as well.

  23. This has been a long quest for me as well. Someday I would love to visit Greenland. I am not a fan of the cold, however this place has always intrigued me. Greenlanders what do you like to be called?

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