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I hope you enjoyed this weeks quote of the day!

I feel like I already shared some of that in my last post where I talked about the fat shaming (and biryani…) But, of course I always have more to say. For someone who rarely said anything growing up I sure have a lot to say now. Do other people who grew up quiet feel that way too?

Anyway, there have been some major things going on in my life. I can’t tell you guys everything since some aren’t official. But I can tell you some stuff.

Thos of you that follow me on Instagram already know this, but I recently cut my hair. As most of you know, I usually opt to cut my own hair. I rarely want complicated styles and find it easier to just trim my hair at home. However, recently I really wanted to get bangs. Apparently they are “in” right now but that’s now why I wanted them. I wanted bangs because I haven’t had them in forever and always wanted them but was too scared to get them. It’s all about pleasing out inner child right? Also bangs cover up my gigantic forehead (fivehead as my sister calls it) which is always a plus…

Anyway, I was going to cut them myself. But then, I decided to get a more complicated hairstyle which I couldn’t do myself. I ended up going to this guy called Joseph. He used to cut my hair before I started cutting it myself. And he has been cutting my sisters hair for years. He’s really great at what he does. So, recently I went to him and finally got my my hair cut by a professional. You can see the transformation on this reel:

And here are a couple of pictures:

New Hairstyle
This picture kinda makes me look evil but I love it πŸ˜‚

New Hairstyle

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. What are your plans for this week? Have you ever cut your own hair?

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73 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Yes, I was a very shy child. I still won’t talk your ear off but it’s not as bad as it was. And also, yes, I cut my own hair well I shave it so it’s not too difficult. The new hairstyle looks great the old one did too, but change is good it can spark a vibe of positivity.

    1. Very interesting. Yeah if you’re going to shave your head then it’s not too difficult to do it yourself. I like small changes like that too, they always make me feel better.

  2. Well I guess I will be able to to say things to people a lot when I grow up then, wait I’m already growup!

  3. Love the quote and your bangs too!
    “For someone who rarely said anything growing up I sure have a lot to say now. Do other people who grew up quiet feel that way too?” — Yes, totally. Especially with the parentals these days once I stopped biting my tongue.
    Glad to see you’re doing well! πŸ™‚

  4. Never give up on your kindness, learnings and values. In the tougher time they get tested.

    Nice hairstyle, Pooja!
    Actually, You are looking like β€œa teenager”.😁

  5. I think I have quite a large forehead too, although I’ve not thought about it much till you mentioned the five-head thing just there. Yes, I have often cut my own hair: maybe that’s why I’ve had so many hairdressers over the years- I can sense their disapproval! The hairdresser I go to at the moment seems to ‘get’ my hair, so I haven’t felt the need in a while. Enjoy your bangs: very nice! Amanda

    1. Haha yes, the look on my hairdressers face when he started cutting my hair was hilarious. But he was very nice about it. Although he told me never to cut my own hair again! Glad you found one that works for you.

  6.     I’m glad you’re not Jack Ma and your haircut is better. And it works for a storm metaphor in the clean-up. However, Jack Ma criticized the Chinese government and then he disappeared. They took away his company and there are only rumors about where he is and how he’s doing.
        Socrates (399 BC) had some good sayings. He even had one about the triple filter test which was about not gossiping. However, he refused to recognize the gods that the government promoted and was sentenced to death. I don’t know if it was a sunny day.
        Maybe those sayings by that guy Anonymous are safer. I don’t know
        But anyway, I’m happy you’re doing well, and I’m glad you’re not Socrates.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I remember learning about him in one of my history classes. And I learnt about Socrates in my first Philosophy class. I really enjoyed his writing although yes he was very much censored once he became popular and eventually sentenced to death because he refused to retract anything he said/wrote. I too am glad I am not Socrates, or any other Philosopher for that matter. They often have very tragic deaths.

  7. Great quote Pooja!!
    You have me curious.. with what’s up…
    I love your hair anywhere you where it.
    I would never be brave enough to cut my own bangs.. my son cuts his own hair actually.. likes it more that way. πŸ’ž

  8. I definitely feel as if I was quite when I was youn but I have much to say now! Your bangs are adorable. I think it’s normal to want to change up your hair style. Love the quote and keep being you!

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, bangs alone doesn’t seem too difficult but cutting all my hair would have been too difficult especially cutting it in this style. That’s best left to a pro.

  9. I just love reading quotes bc it motivates me everyday. I love the quote you share today. It is really helpful to me.


    Yehhh how can i forgot your hairs which look stunning on you. I also have a big forehead and recently get side fringes haircut to cover it πŸ˜…

  10. Looks good Pooja. I most of the time cut my own hair. My sister cuts her own hair most of the time too. It’s just something that we have always done. Only once in a while we might splurge and get our hair done by a professional but not very often.

  11. I love your look with or without the bangs. Whatever you do with your hair or your dress, I always see an intelligent girl who is chasing her own dream… in her own best style.

          1. Glad to hear. I’m doing a bit better. Covid is in the past but I’m having some issues with my lower back. Slowly but surely, getting back to normal. πŸ™‚

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