Nightmare On Whine Street

Surrounded by friends and family

Two lovers shared their first dance

In a lovely open garden

But she felt like she was in the sky

Falling with no end in sight

All she wanted to do was fly away

And be free

In the tiny studio apartment where she had lived

Before he came into her life

Sure the building was crawling with insects

And the elevator rarely worked

And her neighbours pet snake often visited without invitation

But she was happy

Watching everyone take their dogs for a walk

Fetching the mail every day

Sipping tea at the window each morning

Watching the rain in summer

As it turned into a raging storm

Now she just felt numb

But also like a million needles were pricking her skin

Still, she could not leave

All she could do was keep dancing

And smile for the cameras

About “Nightmare On Whine Street”:

Since it’s the scariest month of the year, I wanted to write another scary tale. Except this one has a hidden, spooky agenda. So I did a bit of research (I Googled and read the first thing that came up, according to a lot of people that’s research these days) and found what people are most afraid of. Or rather, the most common phobias. From this list, I created “Nightmare On Whine Street” in which I added each of these 10 most common phobias. The name is obviously a play on “Nightmare On Elm Street” one of my favourite Halloween movies of all time. Here are the ten most common phobias:

  1. Social phobias
  2. Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces
  3. Acrophobia: fear of heights
  4. Pteromerhanophobia: fear of flying
  5. Claustrophobia: fear of enclosed spaces
  6. Entomophobia: fear of insects
  7. Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes
  8. Cynophobia: fear of dogs
  9. Astraphobia: fear of storms
  10. Trypanophobia: fear of needles


Did you find all the phobias in the poem? Were you frightened by the poem? Do you have any of these phobias? Let me know in the comments below!

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70 thoughts on “Nightmare On Whine Street

  1. What a beautifully tragic poem. I appreciate your imagery, and how you’re able to provide vivid detail to your setting. And jeez, I have a couple of what you might call phobias, but I’m surprised how common fear of storms are. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very good job with the poem. It’s impressive the way you incorporated all those phobias into it. The two I struggle with but don’t consider them to be as serious as they could be are Claustrophobia and the social anxiety one.

      1. Why did it take me three rotten marriages (I certainly played my part!) to stop beating myself up financially and otherwise with that stuff? 😂🧐🤪

  3. Quite an interesting piece of writing. I have three phobias of my own, of which Thalassophobia is one such am trying to conquer.

    Looking forward to the Halloween post.

    1. Thank you so much. I have Thalassophobia too, it’s a big one for me. Not really trying to conquer it as much as I am just avoiding large bodies of water.

      1. I understand, hope someday you manage to overcome it. It recently happened to me, managed to jump into the sea without much of a thought. Feels surreal to now think about it.

  4. Love the poem! The way you included the phobias was amazing! I think (no, I’m sure🥺) I have entomophobia! I hate anything that crawls, flies, slithers or jumps!

  5. Very creative, Pooja. A poem of horrors. My fear is not amongst those but if a snake or dog jumps at you from the darkness, it can definitely give you a start.

  6. I love the poem and how it shows just how easy it is to assume someone is happy, spending time with their partner when in their mind something very different is going on. I am guilty of having quite a few of those phobias, I guess flying and spiders 🕷 included

      1. If I think of em before bed I’ll never sleep until I pull off the comforter and check every corner of my room

        I’m terrified when I stand next to a bed one will bite my foot

        To top it all off
        I’m terrified to dig too deep in my drawers cos I saw an article of a lady who ‘got a 3.7m black mamba instead of a pj’

        Im terrified
        I just grab what’s on top and slam the draw shut

  7. Damn girl, you did an amazing job!!!!!! The poem sounds like one of those creepy ones that a creepy woman with a creepy smile would recite to send a chill down your spine.
    My phobias- social ones and lizards!

  8.     I see the intentions of your composing procedure. However, I think the beginning and ending framing of the poem transforms it into an entirely different direction. Several contrasting phrases overwhelm all the phobias that you researched. Wedding but –> she was falling and wanted to fly away –> bad or arranged marriage because –> she wanted to escape her little apartment, but –> “she was happy” (not being married) sipping tea, watching the rain –> [not escaping and not free in marriage either].
        So, putting in the “she was happy” doesn’t allow it to be a horror story of the usual agenda. “She was happy” but wanted to escape from her tiny apartment, but fell into the wrong solution: marriage (possibly arranged). The needles are like a panic buzz of noise transformed into a tactile panic.
        The horror is being trapped and not being able to fly away (a fear of not flying), rather than demons or monsters. So it’s more of the horror of the ordinary kind rather than the supernatural kind.

    1. Yes, sometimes the scariest things are real life. For me, I imagine she was once happy with him but no longer felt that way. But for whatever reason she was unable to leave and was forced into a marriage she didn’t want. I think that’s something I find scary because so many people end up in marriages they don’t want to be in. I guess I worked in my own fears too.

  9. I feel like I have all those phobias except Agoraphobia. LOL. Being a person of Mongolian descent, I will be really ashamed if I claim I am afraid of open space. This is the reason I can’t read the “health” section in any newspapers since I feel that I have all the symptoms…

  10. Very of clever of you!!! I totally go the chills when I realized that you mentioned that all of the phobias were in your story. I’m surprised that insects aren’t up higher on the list lol. I’m completely terrified of them… ):

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