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I’m sick. Like EXTREMELY sick. I haven’t been sick in years and this is just taking it out of me. I feel so awful, everything hurts and I want to die. This isn’t even the worst flu I’ve ever had. It’s just that it’s been so long since I have been sick my body forgot how awful it is.

What happened what that my mum had some friends come down from India and two of them came over to stay at our place. Unfortunately, one was extremely sick. So now we’re all sick. Personally, I don’t think you should stay at someones house if you’re that sick. Especially if you’re not going to wear a mask the entire time. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I don’t have the strength to write anything for now so I’ll just be publishing some of my drafts.

Did you enjoy todays “Quote Of The Day”? How is your life going? Any plans for this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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115 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #70

  1. I’m so sorry 😫
    I hope you feel better quick.
    I don’t think people should go anywhere when they’re sick!! Or like you said, at least wear a mask!

  2. Hey, lady. I hope you start feeling better soon. I’m just getting over a sinus infection, and lemme tell you, it had me about to call it quits. This year is already ending rather weirdly.

    Please take care of yourself, Pooja.

  3. I hope you feel much better very soon, Pooja! You are right, if someone is that sick, they need to stay away from people as much as possible.

  4. Take care buddy.
    Please don’t talk negative. You will get well soon.
    Take coconut/oats milk with turmeric twice a day. Drink lots of water throughout the day and eat healthy like fruits and veggies. Feel better soon.

  5. Aww! I hope you get well soon!! And yes I agree, one shouldn’t stay over if sick and if they have to, then mask is mandatory. It’s just common sense. They should have been more responsible.. :/ I hate being sick too. I never get high temperatures, then I was Covid+ last December. The temperature went up to 104 and I was shocked! I had forgotten to be so sick. So I totally get what you’re saying. Take plenty of rest and eat well. Read but don’t strain your eyes too much. Sending you healing vibes 🤍

    1. Thank you so much. I feel that way too. It’s very inconsiderate to go to someones house while sick.

      Wow, that’s a very high temperature.

  6. Feel better soon Pooja… And I totally agree with you about the wearing of masks 👍
    Just something to share… My family rules are… No visiting if you are ill. We don’t visit if we are sick, so we expect the same courtesy. Take care… 🤗

  7. I rarely get sick and was sooo sick a month ago. So I get it. We take a healthy body for granted but I can tell you since that bout of flu, I’m like “I love you body, it feels so good to be well, thank you for staying well” 😂 seriously, no, I don’t think people should visit others when sick, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Get well soon X

  8. Get well soon pooja! Yes Ikr the most awful feeling is falling sick and trying to recuperate but this shall pass. Such days are reminding us to take more rest and stay away from the virtual matrix for couple of days. You’ll feel better soon!! [fighting*]

  9. So very true. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. I recovered from a very bad flu last month. It’s horrible. I know the feeling. Hope you get rest and take a lot of fluids. Wishing you a very speedy recovery

  10. Yikes, too many viruses from air and mosquitoes and other. Even the names seem painful. I hope your inner happiness group will allow you to rest and dream of good times where pain is gone. Maybe it’s just Opera Singers and Rock Bands who are playing too loud. In Italy they throw tomatoes at Opera singers who don’t sing up to standard, but I don’t know how the tomatoes got to India where they have that outbreak of Tomato flu in children. Maybe someone is singing too loud like that rock band called “The Chikungunya Boys.” Anyway, I hope you can rest peacefully with a little soup and kindness from your friends.

  11. Heyyy you’ll be fine soon! That’s true you should not go anywhere if you are sick and in fact it is better to quarantine yourself.
    Well, I love the quote.
    Take care of yourself pooja diii

  12. oh horrible Pooja!!!
    No one should go anywhere sick and yes they should wear a mask or not allowed in. do I sound bossy.. yes.. Take good care and feel better soon. loved your quote for sure!! 💞

  13. Get well soon dear. I am also sick and unable to write, read, or post anything. This is the first time I have fallen sick while traveling from one city to another. I guess it’s because of the changing weather. Thankfully in my village, I am getting a lot of sunshine and food that is grown in our farms and getting well.

    1. Thank you do much. Sorry to hear you’re sick too. Hope you feel better soon and yeah sun and healthy food is great for when you’re sick.

  14. I’m sorry that you’re sick, Pooja. I can’t understand why your mum’s friends – or more specifically, the friend who “gifted” you the germs that made you ill – had to travel and stay at your house whils one of them was ill. You’d think that in the midst of a pandemic people would have learned to be a tad more considerate!

    Alas. There are too many people who think the world revolves around them, so….

    I hope you get better soon.

  15. That was really inconsiderate of your friend to do that! Before the pandemic, one of the worst US Thanksgiving’s I ever had was right after I had a plethora of infections, and then I was seated next to someone who had a cold and it completely wiped me out! The worst part: the host saw nothing wrong with it. My Mum went absolutely ballistic at least!

    1. Wow, that’s so awful and yeah people should really be more considerate of those around them. Sorry you went through that as well, it really sucks when this happens!

      1. Sometimes it more than just sucks. After this car accident, my Dad and I are so bruised in the chest area and we’re being very strict with people to not come near us if they are sick. We’re particularly vulnerable rn and since I have a cracked rib, my body can’t take coughing, sneezing, etc

  16. Pooja, I hope that you didn’t catch one of the Covid strains because it’s horrible and I literally felt like I was dying. I pray that you feel better real soon.

  17. Oh, I totally agree with you. I mean your relative really should have isolate himself or herself so that other people will not get infected, but it is easy for me to say. I mean when it comes to my own relatives, I am just as silent as a clam and as passive as a tortoise.

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