My New Business Venture- Clickatripafrica!


I am so excited to finally share news about my new business venture! This new business venture is something I am doing alongside my sister. This new business is called Clickatripafrica. As you can guess, it has to do with traveling in Africa.

Growing up in Kenya allowed me to see Africa and African countries from a different view than most countries saw it. We were not the sad, impoverished, unsafe place that the media often makes Africa out to be. Instead, I saw the beauty, the nature, the wildlife and the potential.

When I came back to Kenya from Canada, I saw just how quickly we were moving ahead. And not just Kenya but all of Africa. We are growing and bettering ourselves every day. And there are so many travel opportunities all over Africa. And that’s why my sister and I decided to create Clickatripafrica.

Who We Are And What We Offer

We are travel organisers and our main goal is assisting customers to choose their destinations, accommodation and book reservations. Whether you want to experience wilderness safari’s, beach vacations or learn about art and culture our aim is to ensure life-changing journeys carefully planned to meet all your needs.

We offer many destinations including Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda and Zambia. And we offer so many different activities and experiences. You can see some of the most popular ones by clicking here.

We also wanted to mention that most of the accommodation places we have partnered with believe in sustainable tourism and practice it. This is beneficial to preserving the environment and supporting local communities in those areas. And it makes it possible for future generations to be able to have the same travel experiences that we do.

If you ever decide to visit Africa, I truly hope that you keep us in mind. We offer so many amazing experiences. And are partnered with so many of the best affordable and luxury accommodations and would love to plan the perfect trip for you!

Ps. Shoutout to my sister for creating this beautiful site all on her own! If anyone is interested in working with her to create your site you can check out my services page and go to the site creation section.

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I know we haven’t posted much on some of the social pages but we will soon! There’s so much to do when you start out so we just need a minute lol!

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113 thoughts on “My New Business Venture- Clickatripafrica!

  1. This is awesome, Pooja! I was curious as to what your new business was about. Can’t wait to check out your new site. That was so nice of your sister to help create it. ☺️

  2. This is fantastic Pooja 🙂👏🏻
    I’m happy for you guys.
    2 strong women, with a terrific idea. I will surely keep this in mind. Best wishes to you and your sister
    Keep thriving 😇

    1. You won’t regret coming here Tangie , this continent is Beautiful. You should visit my birth country , Swaziland one day and see all the mountains and scenery we have in our Kingdom 🔥🔥🙏

      1. Based on what i have seen on to and online research and heard from brother and sisters in Christ who worship with us now, and in a congregation in another state, they say is it a beautiful continent (their homeland is Nigeria and visit return twice a year. I will tell my husband to add Swaziland to the list to research. Thank you and I will bookmark your link.

  3. Wow congratulations Pooja and your sister too for initiating such a lucrative business venture.

    Since you specialize in destinations in Africa, when are you visiting my country, Swaziland?😊😂

    To new beginnings , all the best🔥🔥🔥👌

  4. Finally! A chance to practice the only three Swahili phrases I know!

    Congrats on your new venture, I hope it grows by leaps and bounds. I also hope more people visit the continent.

  5. Well done! It sounds great. I’ve always wanted to go to Kenya. I’ll save this and pass it on to those who want to travel to the parts of Africa you’ve mentioned.

  6. Amazing and so awesome thing Dear Pooja. Congratulations👏 and a very All the best to you and your sister both!💕🤗

  7. Ahh this is great Pooja! I love how you’re trying to change the perception around Africa, because it’s so true – it’s beauty needs to be seen more! 😆

  8. Best of luck with your new venture. I look forward to hearing how well it is going. Always something new to learn about different cultures.

  9. I love this! Congratulations 🥳
    I’ve only ever visited South Africa. I’d love to return to see more of the continent—Kenya is definitely on the list!

  10. This is magnificent Pooja. Thus Thank you for this beautiful project to show to the world our extraordinary continent… Africa is a wonderful continent full of diversity, history and so on… But unfortunately the universe see it differently. Congratulations 👏

  11. Wow Pooja.. this is soooo exciting. Congratulations to you and your Chickatripaafrica sister!!! love the name too! I was thinking after my daughter just got home from her honeymoon, I have to go.. Do you accomadate roosters too? 😜

  12. HUGGGGZZZZZZZ!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! What an incredible business! Your new site looks amazing!! Since I am going to be a digital nomad, this is definitely the sort of thing I am already looking into! SOOOOOO happy for you!!

  13. Wow, congratulations. Although I am not a traveler myself, I would love to follow you online wherever you go. Let us know your adventure and show us the beautiful pictures of Africa. That’s soooooo wonderful an idea. You are so blessed to have a sister. Wish your business grow and grow and thrive and thrive.

  14. Congratulations to you and your sister’s new business venture. The Website looks absolutely fabulous and Africa is a continent I would very much like to experience with my family in the future

  15. Many countries in Africa are so beautiful. By the time I’ll be able to travel to go, y’all would be big. I’m excited for y’all. Good luck!

  16. I am very proud of you and your sister starting this business. The website is amazing. I’m sure it will bring you two a lot of joy helping people see what Africa really is. I commend you for starting this venture and I am very happy for you both. Hopefully I get to see Africa some day. You are an inspiration.

  17. Hi Pooja/ You were the first person to notice the website, and you have supported ever since. I’m sure you will do great, and the people will enjoy all that you have to offer. Wishing you Peace and Love

  18. This is such great news! Africa looks amazing.😍 If I ever visit the country, I will definitely keep this site in mind. All the best for it 👍🏽

  19. Oh wow!! This is amazing! Congratulations Pooj, to you and Rachna! I’m so proud of you both and knowing you both, you will be brilliant organizers! This is great new 😘😘

  20. congrats pooja on the new business venture and wish you guys will reach the heights. I love the way you talked about the experience of living in Africa which is one of my goals in bucket list, at least to travel around Africa one day.

    1. Thank you so much. You absolutely should visit when you can. Africa is so beautiful and all the countries have something unique to offer.

  21. Congrats to you and your sister Pooja, the website looks great. I have visited South Africa and Ghana, if I ever decide to visit on that side, I will definitely keep you in mind.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, do keep us in mind. I hope you decide to visit these countries too because they are quite different and have some really unique things to offer.

  22. That’s amazing Pooja! Congratulations to you and your sister! This is such a fantastic idea and the website also looks beautiful. I checked the website and there are already a few countries that I’ve always wanted to visit, especially ever since I studies sub-saharan African countries at university, so I will absolutely think of you when I finally plan a trip there!

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