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Plutarch quote about fate

Todays quote of the day really hit me because I am someone who constantly resists fate even when I know it’s useless to do so. It’s something I really need to improve about myself.

What’s Up With Pooj?

A lot, thanks for asking… So, the wedding went wonderfully. Sure there were hiccups, beefs, shade thrown and more but that’s just how weddings are from my experience at least. More on all that on the post I make about the wedding.

On to some other news. Those of you that read my blog by viewing the website and not the Reader will notice some changes. I have officially change my theme. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to do that. I loved my old theme but WordPress decided to retire it. And the theme was causing me issues because of that which was effecting my overall SEO. I am quite happy with my new theme though and I like how it looks. But, I still wish WordPress had more theme options. I feel like I’m being looted. I pay for the Business Plan and feel like I should get theme options according to the price I pay lol.

I gained quite a bit of weight due to eating out for over a week during the wedding. So, this week I am hoping to focus on eating healthy. I think most of the weight is just bloating etc, because of eating such oily foods which I generally rarely do. And I feel kind of weighed down because of that too. So, I’m looking forward to feeling better soon now that I can cook my own meals again and plan to continue eating oil-free and plant based.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!

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97 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #79

  1. I feel your author’s note in regards to resisting fate.

    Hopefully you lose the weight you gained. I’m struggling so hard to go plant based, but there’s no reason why. I’m trying to cut out oils out of my foods too.

    Good luck!

      1. I think I’m not going to do a vegan approach to plant based but I want to eat less processed foods (including meat) and try to cut out as much oils. I still probably will eat vegan foods though (because a lot of them are good), but I don’t think I can fully commit.

        1. That’s fair, do whatever you feel is best. But cutting our processed foods in general is a very good idea. They really mess up your body and mind.

  2. Does fate exist? Do you have to read the signs to end up where you belong? Does fate just take you where it wants to? If it’s the latter that sucks because not everyone gets the happy ending.

    1. Yes, unfortunately I do believe in fate and that we have little or no control when it comes to fate. I’ve found that it helps me except the bad stuff better.

      1. So, all we have is our mindset. No matter how bad we have it we need to keep a positive mindset, so we don’t go too far into despair. If we don’t follow our passions from the start, we won’t reach our potential or the place where we will be truly happy.

          1. You weren’t supposed to agree with me there. I wanted you to say we could achieve anything we set our minds too. That we are not bound by the hands of fate.

            1. I get what you’re saying but I have always believed in fate and probably always will. I definitely think we can achieve what we work hard to achieve but sometimes fate slows us down and it’s important not to fight it but rather work with it.

  3. I noticed the new theme, Pooja, we both have the business plan which means that you can install themes from theme developers too. I’ve tried a few themes from these other developers and have not found one that I like, still! Give it a try.

      1. I get it, I tried to find a new theme yesterday but none of them work as well as the current theme. WP needs to do some serious upgrades to the free and paid themes they offer…

          1. Which really sucks, you’d thing that a company as large as Automattic would do better. Are you following me with a different account? I think someone is using a fake copycat account posing as you.

  4. I visited your on Sunday and I loved the old theme, it was classy.
    The new theme looks good as well. I will see it properly on computer later.
    I just realized that this blog is QOTD 😝
    No offense but don’t read quotes when I’m getting a chance to read what’s up with Pooj 😀.
    Now that your cousin’s wedding is completed. You can focus on your wedding properly 😛
    Don’t worry about the weight gain. You’ll still look amazing with 20+ kgs 😊
    I know with your home cooked meal, you will get in your desired balance again.
    I feel like what’s up with Pooj should be a regular thing 😀

    1. Thanks so much. Lol no offence taken, some things are more interesting to some readers than others. We all have out preferences and I really enjoy writing that segment too 😊
      Lol, my wedding is not happening any time soon 😂
      I’m already losing weight and feel so much better not being bloated all the time 😊

      1. What’s up pooj can a new blog series.
        Like what grinds me gear.
        You can actually put a series in heading.
        I love the idea of series on your site. It’s like choose any genre of your favorite blogger.
        Good thing about your weight loss 😊
        My wedding is sometime soon in near future. But need a bride 😛

  5. Hey Pooj, the quote reminded me of the Alchemist by P. Coehlo. I was lucky to teach it last year to high schoolers here in the US. It was fun, at least for me. I loved teaching it a lot more than just reading it by myself.
    Weight loss is easy for young and beautiful, especially when you can cook for yourself, so don’t worry about it much. You can’t really escape your fate, right? So, you’ll be just fine

    1. I like that book and yes teaching it must be fun since I always find learning about books more fun than just reading.
      thanks, I already feel much better after eating healthy for the last three days.

        1. Actually I’m curious to know how there’s Indian wedding in kenya. Want’s to see how it’s different from the one in India. 😊
          Plus yes, would like to see how you dresssed.
          Maybe it was pink choli 😛

          1. Lol, I did wear something pink for the henna party. 😅
            It was a very small wedding but probably similar to actual Indian weddings 🙂

  6. Someone once accidentally fell off the balcony on the 80th floor of a building because he was carrying a book on Plutarch that was too heavy and he was really leaning hard on the philosophy. As he was falling someone on the 60th floor said, how’s it going, and he said, so far, so good. Someone on the 40th floor asked if he could look at the book, and while trying to grab it, fell out of the window. A missile hit the building and destroyed it. The falling people couldn’t tell how high up they were, but when a passing eagle flew by they told it fate was good to them. The people in the building were bored but died quickly. So Jean-Confucius Sartre said stay on the ground floor and don’t read Plutarch because “it’s Greek to me and Shakespeare”. But anyway, many fates are born of weddings, and a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first faux pas.

  7. Today’s quote hits hard.
    Yes, I did check your new theme and honestly speaking I too loved the earlier one, even this one is pretty but I liked the color palette of the earlier one better.
    It’s totally fine gaining some weight during weddings, so no need to worry about that.

  8. Hi Pooj!! How are you? What’s all this about weddings?? Are you married?? Your post just appeared out of nowhere in my in tray!

    1. Hi, Opher! So, happy to see you back here. No, I’m not getting married any time soon lol! My cousin was getting married so that’s what I was busy with. What have you been up to??

  9. So, who is the follower and who is resisting fate? 😉

    I’m happy to hear you had an overall good time at the wedding. Guess that quarterback practice in the dress helped dodge the shade lol.

    I feel that later this year, we will discover what fate is. 😎

  10. I guess it all depends on how one interprets the word fate. But for me God is my higher power who I believe has the most control of my life. It is up to me to learn the signs that he/she gives me and live a life that he/she would want me to live. When someone says that it’s fate, because of something that happened, I believe that it was because of our actions or lack there of that God made the decision for us. Does that make sense?

  11. I read on the APP so I don’t really see anyones theme at all.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still figuring out my blog, but I know it’s pretty basic.. 😅 I forget everything I did when I blogged years ago. Oh well.. 😅 Once you get back to ‘regular meals’ i’m sure the weight you don’t want on will drop…

    1. Haha that’s fair 😅 Things change so much on WP it’s easy to forget stuff. I’ve already dropped most of the weight so I’m happy about that and I feel so much healthier.

  12. Wow, I was reading your post from the notification panel all these days, not being aware that you have changed your webpage. Absolutely wonderful new page, with simple and crispy pictures.

  13. I view your site via reader, so it hasn’t changed for me. I agree though that for business plan you should get a diverse range of themes to choose from. My week has been busy, but productive. Thanks for asking 🙂

  14. Glad you enjoyed the wedding, but now im curious to know about the beef and throwing shade lol. Don’t worry about your weight but I understand what you mean about oily food not making your body feel good. I love how you listen to your body and generally eat foods that agree with you. My week has been both boring and overwhelming at the same time. I’ve been sick with a sore throat and my voice keeps going whenever I talk too much or louder than a whisper for a few days and I started coughing yesterday. My whole neck area is swollen and hurts. I’m focusing on natural medicine (honey, lemon, ginger) because it’s not an option going to the doctor now, but if im still sick in a few days, I’ll try to talk my husband into taking me to the doctors (due to inflation, it has become extremely expensive to go to the doctor in Lebanon). Also, my son hasn’t gone to school since Monday (there was an earthquake in Turkey, Syria and Lebanon on Sunday and we have been getting tremors of an earthquake ever since. Thankfully, no one I know hurt or lost their house but many other people have died or been injured and lost their house, so the schools are all off for a week to mourn the loss of those affected). So as much as I love my son, having him glued to me while im sick and expecting me to entertain him 24/7 and throwing a fit everytime he sees me on the phone isn’t helping my mental health. I’m supposed to get me time today since it’s Friday. Hopefully that helps. How was your week (since im reading this so late)?

    1. Thanks and so sorry to hear about your week. Medical bills are becoming more expensive which is hard. But yes, focus on natural things. Drink lots of hot teas and try to stay warm as much as possible.
      I heard about the earthquake which was very sad. Natural disasters can do so much damage. I am hoping the tremors stop and no more people are effected by it.
      I’m sure having your son at home while sick is not easy. Kids need so much attention constantly which can be exhausting physically and mentally.
      My week was good but very busy. I think I need a very long nap. Thanks for asking.

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