Six Word Story #192

Six Word Story:

Much like fire, ice burns too.

About This Six Word Story:

I wanted to talk a little bit about todays six word story because it relates to yesterdays poem that I posted. So, this six word story is actually a condensed version of a poem I am saving for the poetry book I am currently writing. And the reason it is related to the poem is because it’s about the future and the past. Just like my poem.

In the poem I talked about how I felt sadness in letting go of some parts of me after growing up. And it’s true, I have changed and some things I do miss. But just like working about the future can be toxic, living in the past can be toxic too. Of course, I will miss those parts of me that I left in the past but holding on to them, mourning for them does me no good in the present. The present is what I need to concentrate on.

It’s funny, I had no post planned for today and was having no luck thinking of one. But then I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and this just came to me. Like an epiphany. I guess my mind wanted to remind me of my own poem and how it related to my current feelings. Our brain is an interesting thing.

What did you think of this six word story? And what did you think about my thoughts on the past/future? Let me know in the comments below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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67 thoughts on “Six Word Story #192

  1. You’re clearly in a contemplative stage, Pooja… I hope it takes you somewhere you want to be! And good luck with the poetry book!

  2. If you live in the past, you are depressed,
    if you live in the future, you are anxious,
    if you live in the present you are at peace.
    See that fire in the ice, don’t you think it’s nice?

  3. There is no use living in the past, or pining for the future. Life is the present moment, and we must train ourselves to live in the present moment, and enjoy it to the fullest. Life is neither past nor future. One is gone, and the other is uncertain, so there is no use thinking about these. The only reality is the present. The more we reconcile with this reality, the more we will be happy.
    Stay happy and keep writing, Pooja.

  4. Short and powerful.

    All the best on your book Pooja. It’s lovely how you have expressed letting go of the past and embracing the future into a perfect present. 🀍

  5. Sometimes I have nothing to say (But well, you will hear from me soon).
    I just wanted to be here to show my support to my favorite blogger.
    I wish you find the sunshine soon dear friend.
    Take care.

  6. Haha, staring at the ceiling is also my favorite activity when I have nothing to write for the day. And it is such a good thing to write about the fact that one has nothing to write for the time being. I’ve learned it. To write about “nothing to write” is the best way to deal with it. Wish you have a great time writing your poems since you have a lot to share.

  7. I just love how you give your articles a personal touch by sharing your thoughts and feelings, as for me I really don’t have any past memories that I care to remember. Most of them are more like nightmares, but today life is so much better and I am thankful for where I am in my life right now

  8. Excited about your poetry book!!!
    Loved the SWS, and got the lesson too.
    I have this bad habit of living in either the past or the future, all the time. Have to work on that!!!

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