One Sentence Story #10

One Sentence Story

One Sentence Story

You can’t run from yourself your entire life… but I’m trying my best to.

About This SWS:

This ‘One Sentence Story’ is inspired by myself. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you can probably tell I’m a little self absorbed… I mean I built an entire site about me so I could publish something about myself every day… Just kidding. But this One Sentence Story is definitely about me lol. I mean, I’m even running away from fully explaining this one sentence story. Who does that one their own post that they created with their own free will? This girl. Sorry for rambling, I’m a little sleep deprived and I get weird when I’m like that. But some people like that so idk.

Anyway, back to the story. I’m a runner. When things get tough I run. I abandon ship on a whim. And when I can’t physically run from the problem I hide in a tiny place in my mind where everything is okay. Not healthy, I know. I’m working on it and therapy helps. Recently I have been trying to face things more head on but it’s been tough and very anxiety inducing. Still, I see progress and I guess at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Are you a runner? Or do you stay and face your problems head on? And if so, you think you’re better than me? Lol, just kidding. Good on you if you do that! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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105 thoughts on “One Sentence Story #10

  1. Hi! I totally relate with the rambling when sleepy haha (and when I’m nervous too)
    Running away from self/problems is all too real and I’m sure relatable to many/most on some level. I think we’ve all experienced moments when we feel like running away. I think I’ve always been one to face things head on but as I grew up I started running away/hiding more, because you can only face someone/something when the other party involved is also receptive in a way. I think, depending on what it is that we’re running from, we need to pick our battles wisely. Some things really don’t deserve our attention at all, but those that do, we must definitely face head on with courage. Good luck 💕

    1. Haha glad it’s not just me. Yeah, I think we all run sometimes. Picking battles does help. I think in the end no matter how much we run somethings we end up facing anyway.

  2. I’m generally an anxious person, so even though it’s stressful to take something by the horns and confront it, to me it’s *more* stressful to run from it because I want it to go away asap. As an analytical mind with ADHD, the brain never stops going, so the situation would eat at me until it was resolved.

    I’ve always gravitated toward people who are up front about things for that reason, too. I want to know if there’s an issue with something and not have to worry whether someone’s holding back. Life’s too short for that imo.

    And on the same token, I’m a procrastinator, and the same could be said about that, so…..yep.

    Side note, who’s the artist behind your featured image? Or if it’s from Google, what’d you Google to find it? Love the style, makes me want a tattoo like that lol.

    1. That’s so interesting. For me it’s not that I’m not stressed when I’m running away, I just keep procrastinating because it’s less anxiety inducing.

      True, it’s best to be around people who are honest/upfront.

      The image is definitely great. I don’t remember the artist or the exact search but I believe it was “mental health art.”

  3. I get it. I run too. Sometimes standing and facing a problem you did not create can just be too much. My only advise, be gentle on yourself! Hugs, C

  4. Rambling is simply running with your words. You stated you are a runner, so therefore it’s only natural to also run with your words. As to your question, I don’t consider myself a runner, however I wouldn’t go so far to say I face my problems straight on either. I tend to pause, quietly attempt to hold my ground. When I’m ready (which can take days) then try to push forward.

  5. I hope you find solution to it.
    Take care
    Best wishes

    Yes, this site is about you, and interestingly people come to read about you and your whinning daily 😛😂

    And I enjoy it. So keep sharing dear

  6. I ramble when I am irritated 😂
    In this state, I am always saying the same thing round and round!!

    I am not self absorbed, though I want to🤷‍♀️

  7. Even little bits of progress accumulate and over time help us get where we intend.

    Hey, have you ever thought of doing standup comedy? You have the wit and humour for it!

    1. So true, the little things add up to bigger achievements.

      Haha thank you, I think I would be too scared to ever do standup 😅

  8. A friend once told me that life is about facing the things that terrify you most and doing them anyway.
    In my public life I’ve had to do that. Speaking in front of large groups was terrifying, but I learned to deal with that and even became relaxed about it.
    When it comes to spiders and jumping out of planes I think there are limits to that philosophy.

    1. Yes, I think the best way to beat your fears and get rid of that anxiety is face your fears. Of course, easier said than done and there’s a limit but still it’s a good idea to keep trying. Ironically, I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane or go bungee jumping.

  9. When I run away from the problems, they, generally, appears again.
    If a problem occurs, the first thought, comes to my mind is “I’m gonna ignore this. It’s not worth consideration.”

    An argument against this mindset is to increase closeness to the people, activities and challenges those matter.
    Let’s not just face the events directly, but, also learn to deal them correctly.

    Divide the larger task in different parts.
    Live and work on each part each day.

  10. Here’s another runner, so you’re not alone. There are also those who fight back and those who freeze. We all react differently to stress and that’s okay. As long as we are aware of the problem, everything is fine.

  11. I’ve been in a similar battle to get out of my head and confront “threats” for the last several years. You’re right therapy helps a lot. I didn’t always think there was any value to it, but going to therapy is itself a way to stop running.

  12. Not only am I a runner, I’m an acrobat! Lol. Jokes aside, whether I face things head on or run/avoid can vary from day to day and situation to situation. Some days you just have more energy or motivation, are better rested, or get a push from somewhere that helps you face something. At any rate, I wish you the best. Anxiety can make things so difficult.

  13. Anxieties, glorious sarcasms elaborated, exaggerated with the sounds of crashing, played with cacophonous instruments of worry by loquacious musicians strung out on their heart strings, anti-Muses, worried fiends putting awkward trills like sinister doom thrills into the score of the music, these were running away with me out of the forest where once I met a Princess who I saw kneel to heal a boy who dropped a toy that smashed to smithereens, a noise transformed by her into a laugh when her blessings he saw as inventions of love new to him, a magic to let him be brave, allaying anxiety, making a fanfare in notes of joy like an angel’s harp, but she is gone with sorrowful cellos crying out in a lugubrious dirge, because monsters will bite and tear up all the music ever written for me I could have played.

  14. I came to a stage when I did not see most problems as problems. More challenges of various shapes and sizes to be overcome. Some surmountable on my own, some I needed help with. You become so good at overcoming challenges, you are not so fazed by new challenges, because you know you have overcome worse. It’s a bit like fell walking.

  15. Running as far away from nowhere but towards everywhere, trying to avoid where that something is…then you realise that you are running away from nothing!

  16. I rant and get ignored. I don’t mind discussing my problems with anyone but everyone’s running from their problems to really sit and care about someone else’s. It gets miserable but I don’t expect anything else or people to care about me. Some people make me feel bad for caring about others.🙃

    1. I think we all have our problems but you still have the right to care and rant. And I always like reading your rants lol. Sometimes they’re relatable.

      1. 😂 That’s interesting. I didn’t expect that. A lot of your posts are relatable and sometimes make me feel better without having to rant or they’re hilarious.

  17. I’m a bit of both of run and face problems. I learned a lot about how to analyze a sitauation and not burn myself out by staying in a toxic environment. I try facing things at first, but if it’s not working, time to run!

  18. Fight or flight mode, right? I have flight mode too! I run away from all my problems too. And like you if I can’t physically run away, I shut down my brain and just retreat into this corner. I am trying to change this too but its been so hard!

  19. I’m a runner… like literally. I enjoy running!

    Also, have you looked into the Enneagram? It might just be that this proclivity of yours to run comes from a deep-seated system that you’ve built around you to make sense of the world.

    1. I enjoy literally running too lol!

      No I haven’t, but thanks for sharing that. I honestly hadn’t heard of the Enneagram before but will definitely look into it.

  20. I understand where you are coming from Pooj. Much of my life I have run because I don’t want to deal with something. But what I found out is that the run is only a short relief. I usually still had to face the situation later. Now as I am in my 50’s I realize that it was because I always wanted to please everyone and it was impossible. I can’t make everyone happy and it’s not my responsibility to do so. People need to learn to accept me for the way I am. Yes, I am willing to compromise some but not willing to change all of who I am.

    1. So true, you eventually have to face what you are running from and that’s why I am trying harder to learn to handle difficult situations instead of running. I’m a people pleaser too and that definitely makes life more difficult. It’s important to set boundaries and look after yourself as well. And like you said, other people aren’t your responsibility. You can’t make everyone happy.

  21. Yes am definately a runner.
    There is a part of me that runs /finds ways to destruct myself when things get a bit much or unpredictable.

    Though I only do that untill am certain that I have a way of dealing with the situation.
    After that am usually back and ready to deal with it all.

    1. I’m that way too. Something I am working on but it’s still there. I usually go back to it when I can deal with it too but I would prefer not to freak out when something happens. Easier said than done though.

  22. I am a runner! 🏃‍♀️
    I don’t like tackling any problems I face because I get overwhelmed and it’s not a pleasant feeling.
    Completely off topic but I am so tired with life atm. Lol its one of those days where I want to fall into a deep sleep and not wake up for a long time.

  23. I’m a little brave to the edge of foolish so I face them but there are many times I wish I could have avoided certain things. Only it’s too late and I have to deal with it.

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