Spam My Email? Prepare For Consequences


I was going to write this story as a part of my “What’s Happening With Me” post but decided it needed its own post as it’s a longer story.

As most of you know, I have a work email that I link to the bottom of my posts. I also have that email attached to my Instagram account in case anyone wants to email me. Due to that, I receive a lot of spam on that email address. People subscribe that email for things I’ve obviously not subscribed for. It used to happen occasionally. And I knew it was because the email is what I use online since it doesn’t happen with my other email addresses. I would just ignore it and unsubscribe. But since my SEO has improved and I get a lot more Search Engine traffic, I get more spam now too. And it got to a point where I was super irritated. So, I decided to give the spammers a taste of their own medicine.

When someone added me to their mailing list without my permission aka spam, I would unsubscribe but add their email address to my mailing list. If they were going to spam me, I was going to spam them back. I am happy to say that I am no longer added to random mailing lists now. In fact, the spam is almost completely gone lol. I guess they weren’t happy to get a taste of their own medicine…

I used to be a passive person who would never do something like this. This is a fun reminder of my growth.

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147 responses to “Spam My Email? Prepare For Consequences”

  1. 😂😂😂 that’s hilarious. I never thought to do something like that. That’s childish, but your response was hilarious.

    1. I see nothing wrong with petty, childish, passive aggressive payback (aka. getting even). 😀 😀 😀

      1. Pooja’s not childish, the original person is for using her email.

        1. I know she’s not childish. I was trying to be funny. I guess my reply didn’t come across as funny .-.

          1. Not necessarily. It can be funny, but I’m not really the jokey type and take things seriously unless they’re a marker.😓 I also thought you misunderstood what I said because my original comment was vague. I’m sorry.😩

            1. Thanks for letting me know. Your feedback is appreciated as it helps me avoid any potential misunderstandings. I don’t want to unintentionally say something offensive.

              1. I appreciate you telling me how you felt. I wouldn’t want you upset. (Btw, I thought what you said was funny, I just needed to be clear.

    2. Yes, I am very much the queen of petty at the moment 👸🏽😅

  2. I’m glad that you stopped these creeps, Pooja! My blog has a contact email address that is very rarely used which is good!

    1. Yeah, emails associated with your site are so annoying to deal with so definitely don’t go on it too much lol! Thanks!

  3. Spam and mental health issues are on the rise, it makes me feel miserable…

    1. Take care of yourself.

      1. I am doing my best, Feets! Good to hear from you

        1. Nice to hear from you too!😊

    2. I know, the world can be a sad place in some ways. But there are good things out there too.

  4. It is called tit for tat. You have given such spammers a good dose of a bitter medicine. And it worked immediately. LOL!
    Sometimes it becomes necessary to do things like that even if these are against our disposition. So, you’ve done nothing wrong.

    1. Lol yes, sometimes you have to give them a taste of their own medicine or they won’t leave you alone.

  5. “If they were going to spam me, I was going to spam them back.”

    I like the way you think. Email spam is annoying and what’s even worse is when there is no option to unsubscribe. I hate that.

    1. Lol thanks. Yeah, it’s super annoying and you’re right some don’t even let you unsubscribe. But just use this method and they will never bother you again 😅

      1. I should try this with the MLM I joined back in 2013. To this day, I still get the occasional annoying email from them even though I quit in 2016. There’s no unsubscribe option.

        Also, Babble is really annoying too. They send me so much spam! I signed up thinking it was free – it is not. I have tried unsubscribing multiple times. The only language app I use is Duolingo.

        1. Yes, please do! MLM’s are the worst and of course they don’t have an unsubscribe button. How else are they going to shove unnecessary products down everyones throat? 😅

          Woah, I thought Babble was free too. Weird.

          1. That’s how they get you. Babble is a subscription-based service, and the first thing I got was an advertisement for their subscription. Unfortunately, even if you try to block the emails from Babble, they will still keep coming in on a weekly basis. Annoying.

            1. Wow, that’s insanely annoying. I’d be pissed about that too.

  6. Good for you!

    1. Thank you!

  7. What a clever, harmless way to retaliate. Unsubscribing daily to those seemingly endless emails can be annoying. Adding to the indignity of those who offer no unsubscribe option are those my search engine labels dangerous. Reaffirming the lesson: if you don’t know where the email came from, don’t open it. They are a Pandora’s box of unknown consequences.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, it got to a point where I would unsubscribe and they would resubscribe me. I didn’t want to deal with that daily and thought this would encourage them to leave me alone. Which luckily it did. Yeah, you’re right spam can cause a lot of damage if it’s malware etc.

  8. 🤔 I too have also thought about spamming the spammer.

    Luckily for me, I receive almost no spam emails.

    The only spam I get is spam comments (Which Akismet has trapped of course).

    1. If you ever do receive spam emails I would recommend this lol 😅

  9. Well I didn’t spammed you for that guest blog 😛

    You are scarring me now 🫣

    1. Lol that’s not spam, I mean like people subscribing me for unwanted stuff 😫

      1. That’s fun tho

        And what you did was amazing 😝

        I’m subscribed to you so that I can get your latest blogs.

        I wish there were 2-3 blogs from you daily. 🤩

        1. I used to post twice a day a few years ago but it was just too much 😫

          1. Oh yeah

            I’ve seen some people who post 2-3 blogs a day. And that too complete blogs and not just some images or text.

            Blogging is overwhelming.

            You already have a lot in your plate ☺️

            1. That’s so much. Don’t know how people get the time 🤨

  10. And hey….. It’s 20th here

    And it’s 20th already in many countries

    So Happy Birthday dear friend 🔆😁🥗🍨🧁

    🎂🥕 Here’s some “carrot” ( your favourite) cake

    Keep smiling and keep shining

    1. Thanks so much, just got my carrot cake delivered! 😅

      1. Well with the nature of my business, I can actually send stuff to you 🙂

        Carrot cake will got spoiled tho.


        1. Oh cool, what is your business if you don’t mind me asking?

          1. Logistics!
            Import- export.

            We send stuff outside India.
            It could be anything, like handicrafts, marble sample, personal stuff etc. 🙂

            People also send food items to their relatives outside india.

            1. Oh wow, so cool. Very interesting work.

  11. They deserve that. 😂
    I find this so funny and clever, Pooja.

    1. Lol thanks, yeah I gave them a chance but they wouldn’t leave me alone so I did what I had to 😅

  12. Hilarious response!
    That’s tit for tat😂

    1. Lol thank you! 😜

  13. You did the right thing. I see nothing wrong with what you did.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I gave them a chance but they wouldn’t leave me alone so I did what I had to.

      1. I would have done it too.

  14. I’ve never thought to do this! Great response. I’ll try it next time the spammers come at me 😆

    1. Would definitely recommend me, I rarely ever get spam emails anymore 😅

  15. Pooja rules! 🙂

    1. Lol thanks!

  16. Good idea. Thinking of doing this myself. 🤣

    1. Do it, it works so well I rarely get spam emails anymore 😅

  17. Ha! That’s pretty clever!

    1. Lol thank you!

      1. Of course!

        1. Happy birthday, by the way!

          1. Thanks so much!

            1. You’re very welcome! Hope it was a great day. Maybe post-worthy! 😎

              1. Yes, will be posting all about it soon 😊

                1. I look forward to reading about the celebrations!

  18. how very smart, Pooja😂👌

    1. Lol thank you 😜

  19. great post… I did the same before… SPAM sucks, it comes and go.

    1. Thanks and yeah spam is so super annoying.

  20. I solve my issue a few years ago. I have 3 emails. select all and delete. 🙂

    1. That’s one way to solve it lol.

  21. Good thinking Pooj!

    1. Thank you!

  22. You did well. I don’t know at all why these people don’t find some other occupation, instead they decide to spam others.

    1. I know, people have too much free time to spam others. So annoying.

      1. The most important thing is that you’ve found an excellent solution for them.

        1. Yes, I’m very happy about that.

  23. Sweet revenge, Pooja. Nice work. Reminds me of how a coworker’s email for Amazon was hacked. The hacker then signed her up for spam and she received hundreds of emails in a matter of days to hide the fact that the hacker used her Amazon account to buy a laptop.

    1. Thanks. Wow, that’s so crazy. I hope her account was recovered.

      1. It took a while, and she fell behind with her work because she was so busy deleting all the spam that continued to pour in.

        1. That’s so terrible. It’s so sad when people do stuff like that.

  24. Smart move. 😂👌🏼

    1. Thanks 😅😜

  25. Haha…that’s terrific 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    1. Lol thank you 😜

    2. happy birthday, Pooja.🎉
      Richest blessings your way. 🌹

      1. Oops.. so sorry… replied in the wrong place. 🤭

        1. Haha it’s fine I got it 😜

      2. Thank you so much 😊

  26. Happy Birthday, Pooja. (I think I got the day right)

    1. Thank so much, yeah it’s the right day. I just got the cake delivered and I’m so excited to try it 😊

      1. Ooooo yummy

  27. Trolling the trolls 😏 well played. And happy birthday!!

    1. Lol thanks so much 😅😊

  28. Lol! I’m laughing! I hadn’t thought of that solution! Reciprocal spam! 🤪😆

    1. Haha thank you! I wanted them to get a taste of their own medicine!

  29. I love it! Good for you and a clever tip.

    1. Lol thanks so much.

  30. It’s so innocent yet diabolical.
    I love it. 😂

    1. That’s my expertise- sweet but diabolical 😜

      1. Haha 😂
        Good good. 👍🏼

  31. love it Pooja! ❣️

    1. Thanks! 😊

      1. Always! ❣️

  32. As she rides on through her journey, each son asks his father saying, “Papa, who is that lady and where is she going?” And his father says, “Son that is lady Pooj, the conqueror of spam.” “We now watch and await for her return, as she’s going forth to conquer the rest of that dreadful spam in all the distant lands.” 😂

    1. Lolll and of course music plays in the distant background 😅

  33. What a great idea Pooja! I love that it worked for you!

    1. Thank you so much!

  34. Way to go! And Congratulations! So glad to hear you got that result from your actions on line.

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad it worked too!

  35. Happy Birthday Pooja!!

    1. Thank you so much!

  36. Nice one – the blogger strikes back!

    1. Haha thanks!

  37. I can dig it. Good for you!
    I’ve done a similar thing but with snail mail. I get a constant barrage of emails asking for donations ($) toward political ends (USA). However, at the end of each pitch is a brick & mortar address. And but so … then I send them bookmarks, business & post cards regarding my book, ELECTION 2016.
    You want my money? Read this and then maybe we can talk.

    We’ll see how it all shakes out?
    Seems like you’re doing great.
    Good luck and cheers. 🙂

    1. Haha yes, it may work with snail mail too. I find that very annoying as well. Thanks so much and hope you’re doing well too.

  38. Uno – Reverse. Nice one lol

    1. Lol thank you 😂

  39. Haha. You got them them good. Hopefully getting a lot less spam stays that way for you.

    1. Lol thanks and yes I barely get spam these days!

  40. SPAM is sadly a part of being a blogger online, you have provided us with a creative solution to cut down on our SPAM

    1. Thanks, yeah it’s something we all have to deal with.

      1. You have provided good tips on dealing with this problem as a blogger

  41. Ha! Ha! Ha! I love it!

    1. Lol thank you!

  42. Great idea. You are so enterprising and resourceful. I heard about email list of or other tools, but I’ve never got around to check it out. I am just too caught up in other things and never do what I should be doing.

    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes doing the things we need to do is the hardest.

      1. So true. Sometimes we just do what we habitually do and refuse to do anything different.

  43. People don’t understand something unless and until that thing happens to them.

    1. Yes, I very much agree.

  44. I like the way you handled that situation.😂😂😂

    1. Lol thanks so much 😅

  45. Great idea!

    1. Thank you!

  46. Oh wow! That’s a good technique! I have to try that! But yeah, I get spammed too. It’s damned annoying!

    1. Thanks and definitely try it, I barely get spam now!

      1. Wooohooo!!!

  47. Gotta love growth! good for you Pooja!

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. You’re welcome!

  48. I am experiencing the opposite problem. My students end up receiving my email in the spam folder and the end up training the spam filter.. I put together a guide for them

    1. That’s so interesting, I’ll take a look at it.

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