Saying Goodbye To Lifesfinewhine

Forever. Just kidding. Did I get you? I always try to prank you guys but I don’t know if I’m any good at it. Still, it’s always fun to mess with people. Or maybe it isn’t and I just watch too much South Park and it’s warped my sense of humour. Anyway, back to the post. I’m saying goodbye for a little while. This post is going to be the last post for a few days. I have some stuff going on in my personal life and I am not going to be able to post.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience. And please don’t forget during my short break lol. Rest assured that I will truly miss all my Lifesfinewhiners. Talking to you guys daily is so much fun for me. But as I have mentioned in past posts, my real life always comes first. And so I’m going to be putting my real life first. I won’t be active on my blog, on my social media pages and on my email. So, if I do not reply or respond don’t take it personally. I’ll respond to everything once I’m back to blogging regularly.

Anyway, since you will read this post on Sunday or Monday depending on your timezone, I want to wish you a great week ahead. Goodbye for now and talk again really soon!

Disclaimer: Comments for this post “Saying Goodbye To Lifesfinewhine” have been switched off since I will not be able to reply to comments for the time being anyway. Hope you guys understand and hope we can chat again really soon!

Edit: I tried to turn off the comments but WP was like no lol. The comments are off now though.

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39 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Lifesfinewhine

  1. The term “Lifesfinewhiners” always makes me laugh, because I often find myself whining about how political issues deeply effect people mentally.

  2. Oops! The comment section is still available. You actually got me but I knew it was a joke. I rushed to see how well you played out the joke😂

    Take good care of yourself, Pooja. I’m sure the break would be worth it. Looking forward to what you bring back when you return.

    Go, Girrlllll💯💖

  3. 😀 Oh, you had me fooled, but in a different way. I knew that you would never give up on blogging, so when I read, “Saying Goodbye To Lifesfinewhine,” I thought that you were rebranding your blog.

    Do enjoy your hiatus, Pooja.

  4. Enjoy your time away. We’ll be right here. I’ll be taking a short break myself sometime in mid-May. We owe it to ourselves to take the time we need from everything else to focus on our lives.

  5. The title of this post scared us, Pooja. But thank God, it was a prank.
    Agreed that personal life comes first, and everything else is an option. You must give time to yourself. I hope this’ll be for some good reasons. Have fun.

  6. I’ll be waiting but dude, you scared me. I was actually startled.

    Take a break and take time. I’ll be waiting in your walls (joke).

  7. I realize we’re not supposed to be able to comment but when heading over to “like” I was able to. I hope the time away will be helpful, and wish you well.

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