A Very Busy Day

So, what happened was that the post that went up last night was supposed to go up today. But I ended up missing you guys and blogging so I posted it earlier. I thought it would be fine because I would have time to write a post today. But I got very busy today and didn’t have time to do that even though we got back to Nairobi on time. I came back to a bunch of emails and other stuff and I still haven’t been able to respond to everything because I’ve been so busy.

So I thought today I would just write another post about nothing because some of you seem to enjoy my rambles. And even my sense of humour which is apparently existent despite what my sister says. Pretty much I spent the rest of the day working once we got back because I hadn’t been working for like two days and had some catching up to do. It wasn’t too bad but it was weird working after doing no work for like two days. Maybe next time I need to take a break for like a week lol. Jk…

It was nice catching up with everyone though. I’ve been blogging pretty regularly for the last year so it was weird not blogging. I had promised myself I wouldn’t check in on WP during my break but I ended up responding to some comments during a bit of free time. I know, I have a blogging addiction but I can’t help it. As I always say, you guys have become like real friends to me.

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68 thoughts on “A Very Busy Day

  1. There’s nothing wrong with sneaking a peek in when you’re on your breaks, but be sure you do manage to enjoy the time away, though. Lol.

  2. Yes, it was a bit surprising to see your replies in the commenting section after you had declared to be away from WP.
    But, I think blogging has become your second nature, and you can’t be away from it now, no matter how much busy you are.
    Anyway, good to see you back.

  3. It’s great that you have these little breaks tho. And yes, we really do love your rambles. Feels like I’m chit chatting with a friend 🤍

  4. We all have busy days when it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do what we want to do so, we do what we can. My testing is coming up soon, keep me in your prayers.

  5. I understand nothing what you said 😝

    Just that you are back and you need a rest and get back to work.

    But hey, I missed this PG. This is classic PG. Who talk about a lot of things in a single blog. I can totally read more. 🙌🏻

    I felt like what you have written is like what you will say in a single breath 🫣

    Ahh yes, you were away and I thought I will give you tons of notifications by reading your old blogs, but you returned early 😆

    It’s true that we cannot stay away from this. I don’t know but such environment is hard to find outside digital world.
    Here people sound genuine and here people care.
    As you consider everyone as a friend, I consider you a dear friend. Although I don’t know much about you. But I know enough and I’m happy with that.

    1. Thanks so much, yeah sometimes the old PG wants to ramble too lol 😅
      Yeah, this community is amazing and it makes us want to keep coming back. I’m glad we have it.

  6. You may just have to take a break by spending less hours. Usually it’s hard to take a break from things a person enjoys. I genuinely love drawing and when I’m taking a break from art, I draw. It makes no sense but it’s my second nature and something I truly enjoy. Sometimes I don’t do it, but typically I do. 🙂

    And I love your blog and your rambles because you’re so funny and interesting.😂

    1. Yes, I did that yesterday and only replied to comments and did nothing else like SEO etc. It was nice but now it’s time to get back to blogging regularly 😅
      It definitely makes sense. When you love something you miss it when you take a break.
      Lol glad to hear that 😅

  7. When you’re the queen of blogging, you can get away with any writing about nothing and rambling…. let your sister know, we’re fans. And I bet you were busy. You could not manage even a week off blogging so did’t even think about it.. lol! 💞

  8. Great post pooja and I really hope that you are doing nice and I understand that it’s way to hard to write daily and connect with people from your busy daily schedule but you manage things pretty well! You are really a Gem for WordPress! Keep sharing 😊✌👍🤗

  9. You are sooooo right about relatives. I mean relatives are like that. I heard it many times. I think I have a sense of humor, but my friends and relatives would attest that I am not funny at all. Actually many comedians, when talking about their relatives, would say that their relatives didn’t really think they were funny. LOL. You are soooo lucky to have a wonderful sister, who’s going to be your wonderful friend forever. I wish I had a sister, but then again even if I had a sister, my narcissistic parents would pitch us against each other and made enemies us mutual enemies.

    1. Lol, true. Our relatives rarely think we are funny but sometimes others think we’re funny. Like my friends always tell me I’m funny but my sister tells me I have no sense of humour.
      Yeah, narcissists definitely do that. That’s what happened to both my parents. My dads brother hates him because he’s a narcissist just like my grandmother and my dad turned out normal like my grandfather. And the same with some of my mums siblings that are narcissists who hate the other siblings that are normal.

      1. So true, so true. These alienated siblings will not blame their narcissistic parents for causing them to fight and hate each other, but rather they would hold grudges against each other forever. Narcissists should not be allowed to have children since they have a horrible contagious mental disease.

        1. I so agree, every narcissist aunt and uncle has raised a narcissist cousin. It’s so sad too because the cycle just continues.

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