Today Isn’t About Me

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The entire day, I had been working on my blog and I just could not think of what to post today. My mind was just blanking for some reason. And then I took some time to shut off my brain by meditating and doing breathing exercises. Whenever, I experience writers block I try to meditate because it really gets rid of the block. And as I sat down to meditate today and got into it, I realised something. I had been trying to write blog posts that revolve around me. But today isn’t about me. This is why today isn’t about me.

Today, is about my dear friend and fellow blogger, Cindy Georgakas. Her blog is one of my favourites and I recently reviewed her first book, Re-Create And Celebrate. And today was her book launch party. I finished the launch a little while back and it went wonderfully. She is such an inspiring person and deserves all the love and support she’s getting. And all this made me realise that the universe didn’t want me to write about me today. Today is Cindy’s day and I want it to remain that way. It’s the birth of her amazing and inspiring book.

So, today I won’t be sharing anything specific or anything about me. Instead, I’m going to be taking this moment to check out Cindy’s book. I’ve never been a huge fan of self-care/self-help books but this one was just different. It wasn’t trying to push an agenda or spread toxic positivity. This book is just so down-to-earth and Cindy’s only goal is to help you improve your life.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

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83 thoughts on “Today Isn’t About Me

  1. Cindy is an amazing and very talented, writer, coach and friend. I just got her kindle version as I live in Costa Rica..Can’t wait to dive in.

  2. Great stuff Pooj. We all need to focus on others and meditation is great for mental health. My meditation is writing.

  3. Even though I was so excited to join the launch party I couldn’t because of some random personal shit that took place a couple of hours before and left me in shitty mood which eventually led to me forgetting about the event. 😫

  4. CG is among few favorite person around here….. I am planning to read a book.

    I need to find a person who have kindle dammit, I never read an ebook. But, I want to read it for CG.

    Then you will also share you book soon, so need kindle sooner or later…..

    This is why you are my favorite blogger….. Nuff said.
    You always put others first, life’s fine shine.

    Next time, when you don’t have anything to write or share, feel free to talk about my site (I won’t mind at all), 😛

    1. She’s awesome, I absolutely adore her. I hope you enjoy the book, I really did. I found her journey so inspiring. And there’s so much we can learn from her.

      Lol my book is going to be a while 😅

      Will keep your blog in mind for next time 😜

    2. Oh you are very sweet D and Pooja is an amazing friend to all of us. Yikes, we have to get you reading it I hope. We will all buy Pooja’s book for sure when it’s out. It will be great! 💞

  5. What a wonderful post promoting your friend’s book! A few months ago I purchased a book from a fellow blogger and it turned out to be one of the best books I ever read!

  6. on a long walk
    no lark
    a bum did say good morning
    i replied the same
    he replied
    i aint talkin to you
    oh fuck
    it really was not about me

  7. Congratulations to Cindy on her launch party. What an achievement. It is on Amazon and goodreads too. The book cover looks so beautiful.

  8. Meditation is very helpful to clear mind and sometime escape from work is necessary for personal peace.Nice job puja , give some different insight on sometimes focus on others gives happiness And Congratulations to Cindy for launching books.

  9. Wow Pooja, this touched me deeply to not only get the most gorgeous review from you but then to get an acknowledgment of the launch party. It was so wonderful to have you there, smack dab in the middle with your beautiful smile and energy contributing so much to the day. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you so much for being there and this wonderful shout out so heartfelt!! 💞🙏🏼💗

    1. You are so welcome. You really are one of my favourite people and I am happy to support you in any way I can! And the launch party was so wonderful, I’m so glad I could make it 😊💕

      1. I’m so honored and you are one of mine. It was awesome to share the morning with you! You could have brought croissants to make it perfect, hahaha😂🙏🏼

  10. That is very awesome of you to promote your friend and fellow bloggers book launch I hope both of you continue to enjoy success!!

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