4 Reasons To Use A VPN

4 Reasons To Use A VPN
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Is it time you started using a VPN? Well, today I’ll be sharing some reasons to use a VPN.

These virtual private networks can essentially help you to hide your IP address while providing you with a new IP address. What does this mean and why does it matter? Well, firstly let’s explain what an IP address is. Every internet connected device has an IP address and online services (including websites, apps and video games) use your IP address to send you information relevant to your location and search history.

Sharing your IP address can have benefits such as receiving more relevant ads and search results on Google. However, it can also have disadvantages such as opening you up to cyberattacks or preventing you from accessing certain restricted content. A VPN can be a way to get around this. Below are just 4 benefits of a VPN explained in greater detail. 

Protect your data from hackers

Some internet connections are less secure than others. For example, public wi-fi connections found in many restaurants and shops are generally not very secure.

 Using a public wi-fi signal without a VPN could put you at risk of having sensitive information stolen by hackers. This is because hackers can easily retrieve your IP address and collect personal information from this ranging from passwords to bank details. A VPN hides your true IP address so that this information is much harder to retrieve. 

Stop companies harvesting your data

There has been a lot of controversy in recent years regarding the way in which companies collect and use customer data. While much of this data – such as your location and browsing history – is used solely to provide targeted ads or improve customer experience, some companies sell this data (and this is not illegal). In other cases, private data including bank details has ended up being sold on the dark web (which is illegal!). 

A VPN can protect some of this data from ending up in the wrong places by keeping your IP address private. This can reduce the risk of companies or rogue employees mishandling it. 

Get around content restrictions

Want to know how to watch HBO Max in Canada? Or perhaps you want to access TV shows on BBC iPlayer? Unfortunately, some channels and streaming platforms are blocked in certain countries. These blocks are put in place by detecting your IP address.

A VPN can help you get around this issue by hiding your IP address. This is great if you want to watch TV shows that are not available in your country. Unsurprisingly, VPNs are very popular in countries with incredibly tight restrictions regarding TV and internet access. 

Stop ISP throttling

To help regulate network traffic in a certain area, internet service providers may restrict your internet bandwidth – which typically involves using your IP address. This can result in a laggy internet which can negatively affect things like watching videos or playing video games.

Many gamers find that using a VPN can significantly reduce ISP throttling, allowing uninterrupted gameplay. If you’re looking for new ways to prevent lagging, a VPN could be worth trying. 

So, those are just some reasons to use a VPN. As you can tell from these reasons to use a VPN, VPN’s can really help you protect yourself.

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