Our Last Night Together

Our Last Night Together

Brown skin

Smoother than chocolate

Her bare shoulder

Glowing in the candle light

The smell of roses fills the air

Every second is spent

Wrapped in each others arms

Because we know

Every second

Could be our last

About “Our Last Night Together”:

I’m sure a lot of you guys know Sadje and her blog. Well, recently I read a really great poem by her on her blog. She had written it as a response to this prompt. And when I read the prompt which was the colour “brown” this poem just popped into my head. I wrote it quite a while back but just posting it now. If you haven’t read Sadje’s poem or visited her blog please do. She has a lot of different types of posts and they’re always enjoyable.

As for the poem, as I mentioned I wrote this a while back. But I haven’t posted as much this week as I’ve been busy. I’m going to see six doctors this month so I’m not going to be posting as much. That’s why I posted this poem on a Friday (I usually post poetry on Tuesdays). Posting this today actually took me back to when I first started blogging. I would post a poem each Friday as I had school and was busy the rest of the days and could only post on Friday evenings. And my two loyal followers always read them haha. One was DentMistry of course, lol!

What did you think of “Our Last Night Together”? Let me know in the comments below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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95 thoughts on “Our Last Night Together

  1. Love you were inspired by Sadje’s great poem and now yours with such a sense of staying in the now. Love it.. wow, that’s a lot of doctors appointments Pooja… hope you are ok..💞🙏🏼

    1. Thanks so much! Don’t worry most of them are pretty routine and I’m pretty sure I’m fine minus a few deficiencies here and there 😅

  2. always wonderful those visits to Sadje G blog.

    “… Because we know Every second Could be our last… ”

    beautiful poem…and much needed reminders too.

    hoping all goes well with your doctor’s appointments.
    Take care, Pooja 🤍🤗

  3. Pooja G… I hope you are in good health. That’s a lot of appointments on your schedule. You are in my thoughts, my friend.
    Lovely poem. The intensity, gravity, urgency and appreciation of the moment. Love when you drop poetic lines. 💙👏👏 and Sadie is a true creative. She’s always at it. 👏.

    1. I’m okay for the most part just a few things here and there. Thanks, I appreciate that.
      Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it. Sadje’s awesome 😊

  4. This reminds me of a poem I wrote (and performed many, many times at art galleries, coffee houses, etc.) called “once” – also about a couple that may never see each other again….


    to open my door to you — but once
    for you to enter — but once
    enter by all means
    enter whole/hungrily divulging desire
    no doubt you want to do this —

    tonite my angel-ness, sweet night,
    warm and willing
    feast with adoration
    consumed with misty accordance
    the sublime leading the sublime

    a dainty lovely blowing peaches to your lips
    i gently hum your song
    a clever artist reading love poetry in your lap
    a moon child frantic – absorbed in your all-ness
    no doubt you want to do this —

    once. because i am afraid of again
    as again releases my faulty crimes
    and sucks away my honeyed juices
    as my kisses become claustrophobic,
    my voice — a devil’s spanking to your soul
    and my sex becomes still
    and chilled
    and few.

    once. because i am afraid of you
    because i am afraid of me


    copyright, mary anne christiano, 1991

    1. Wow, that’s an absolutely beautiful poem. I can why you’ve been asked to perform it multiple times. Thanks so much for sharing it here too.

  5. This is beautiful, Pooja, and every second of our lives matters because it could be our last. Good wishes with your doctors appointments and I hope you feel better. 💖

  6. well said, a reminder enjoy each moment, as it could be the last. As unfortunately sometimes, the next thing you know is someone has died or something life threatening/changing has occurred.

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