Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Review

Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Review

Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Review

Ethos is an organic and plant based cafe/restaurant in Nairobi. I’ve been meaning to go there since I first heard about it. Because as you know, organic and plant based is where it’s at for me. I didn’t have very high hopes to be honest. Kenya has some pretty decent vegan food options but they’re not exactly the best I’ve had. But still, I was excited enough. We don’t have a lot of vegan places and I think this is one of the only two vegan cafes/restaurants in Kenya. So, here is my Ethos organic cafe and restaurant Nairobi review:

The Ambiance

Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Review

It was such a cute little place. Very cosy and they even had some chairs set up for those dining alone. I absolutely loved it. However, they have since moved to another location which is a food court. Do contact them on their page to find out the details of their new location.

The Brownie 8/10

Ethos Vegan Desserts Dark Chocolate Brownie

We started out with dessert because life is short. And also, our pizza was still baking and we were hungry. Plus, one of my cousins had to go back to work so we didn’t have too much time. Back to the brownie, it was so delicious. I haven’t had a vegan dessert in so long since we don’t have many vegan options in Kenya when it comes to desserts. It was dark chocolate which is my favourite type. I’ll definitely be going back for more desserts.

Pizza Margherita 9/10

Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Pizza Review

The pizza is what I was most excited about. I hadn’t had vegan pizza from outside in so long since most Kenyan restaurants don’t have vegan pizza options. Ethos makes everything for the pizza from scratch. From the base to the cheese, it’s all made by them with organic products. If you’d like to watch the whole process feel free to check it out on my video review. It’s located below at the end of the post.

Anyway, the pizza came out looking amazing but I was still a bit skeptical as vegan cheese can go south pretty fast. However, the cheese was delicious and so was the pizza. We all loved it. It was definitely the highlight of the meal. The cheese actually tasted cheesy if that makes sense.

Shawarma Plant Based 9.5/10

Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Vegan Shawarma Review

This was another thing I was super excited about. I have never had vegan shawarma before but I really have been wanting to try it. So, I had decided to order it as soon as I saw it on the menu. And I’m so glad I did. It was so amazing and I have no idea how they made the vegan shawarma “meat” or the sauces but they were incredible. Seriously, if you get one thing from Ethos let it be this.

It came with a side of fries and the fries were amazing too. Those fries may be the best fries I’ve ever had and that means something because I’ve had a lot of fries in my life. I don’t know what potatoes they used or how they made them but they were perfect. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. And seasoned to perfection.

Kama Kuku Burger 9/10

Nairobi Kama Kuku Vegan Plant Based Burgers

I didn’t have the burger because I was already full and we wanted to go somewhere else after this so I wanted to leave some room lol. But my cousin wanted to try the burger and he said it was amazing. He really liked it. By the way, “kama kuku” means like “like chicken” in Swahili.

Masala Fries 9/10

Vegan Masala Fries

Again, these were delicious because their fries were just out of this world. They were flavourful and perfect. Another dish I would really recommend if you ever find yourself at Ethos.


Ethos was a big W! I didn’t have too many hopes when I went in but wow was everything amazing. And you could taste that it was fresh and organic. I don’t know about you guys but I can always tell when something is organic and when it’s not. You could tell they use good quality ingredients. If you’re looking for affordable, good quality food in Nairobi, Ethos is the place to go.

If you enjoyed my Ethos organic Nairobi review, you can view the video version of it on my YouTube:

To read more about Ethos check out their site and their blog.

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77 thoughts on “Ethos Organic Cafe And Restaurant Nairobi Review

  1. Quite an informative review of Ethos Organic Cafe and Restaurant in Nairobi. It’s great to hear about the delicious vegan options they offer, especially the pizza and shawarma and fries. So, you got the real value for money.
    This review will definitely help people in Nairobil to try it out.

    1. Yes, I’ve had those before I stopped eating honey and they are so delicious. I’ve had a similar dish recently where they substituted the honey with syrup.

  2. Vegan pizza is the best! We have some places in NJ, USA, that serve vegan pizza and it’s just too filling. I’m good with one slice, two at most.
    Our restaurants here are incredible for vegan food. And interesting, all the vegan restaurants have the best service you can imagine. Everyone is so sweet and they remember you. Vegan cheese here is great as well. It melts easy and adds a great burst of flavor. It’s amazing with broccoli.
    Miyoko’s is so good I rarely keep it in the house because I’ll eat it right out of the package, as a meal in itself! I can’t resist the temptation, ha-ha! That brand is not to be wasted on cooked food, it’s better on fruit or crackers so you could get the full flavor.

    1. I feel like vegan cheese can be heavy so I usually only eat about two slices too. And one if the slice is large.
      That’s really lucky. We have a lot of vegan options in Kenya now compared to before but it’s still a bit difficult to find and not many creative options.
      Miyoko’s is amazing! Their butter is so good too. It’s a little expensive but I would say it’s very much worth the price.

      1. I think little by little there will be more vegan places (and vegan options) all over the world. It’s just a matter of time. When I first gave up meat there was hardly any options, and even “veggie burgers” had cheese in them. But as veganism gets more in demand, we’ll have more options.
        I’m so happy to hear you have Miyoko’s Did you ever have the Smokehouse Cheddah? That one is my favorite, but only some health food stores carry it so it’s hard to find (in my area).

        1. Absolutely, we already had so many vegetarian options so I was fine growing up. But veganism wasn’t popular in Kenya till recently but now there are so many options there isn’t much I miss. I just wish there were more food options at restaurants because sometimes I don’t want to cook lol. Either, way I’m happy with the options increasing. And I agree, vegan options are becoming available everywhere. My friend who moved to Korea was saying there are a lot more options there too.
          Nope, never had that one but will keep it in mind. I was happy to find out we have Mikoyo’s here too lol.

  3. Everything you shared looks so good, Pooja, and I love beginning with dessert because life is short. 🙂 The place looks real cute and cozy too. I’m so glad you found a vegan restaurant that you liked. Now I’m kind of hungry. 🙂

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