The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya

Recently, The Chocolate Room opened a branch in Nairobi, Kenya. The Chocolate Room is a franchise that began in Australia but has multiple restaurants around the world. It’s fully vegetarian in Nairobi but we talked to those working there and they mentioned that the majority of items on their menu can be made vegan which is very exciting for me. Of course, we had to go check it out which meant you guys get a review of it. So without further ado, here is The Chocolate Room Kenya review:

The Ambiance

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

It is such a beautiful place and I ended up wearing an outfit that matched their decor which was cool. I know I haven’t been sharing my pictures recently because honestly I forget to take them. I’ve been going everywhere with some of my cousins and sister and we’re so busy talking and chilling that I forget I’m a content creator lol. But recently my sister has been trying to spread this rumour that I’m getting a bunch of plastic surgery done and that’s why I’ve been missing so this is to prove her wrong lol. She’s just kidding of course! Aren’t sisters just great? *slightly gags*

Anyway, the ambiance is great. Everything is so well decorated both inside and outside. It’s honestly a great place for content creators like myself since it’s a very aesthetically pleasing place. But the important question is, is the food and drinks worth coming here for?

Also, I know my eyes are shut in some of the images but just ignore that. I’m out of practice when it comes to taking cute pics lol.

The Drinks

The Chocolate Room Kenya Drinks

Their drinks menu is seriously crazy. Like one of the most delicious sounding and elaborate drink menus I’ve seen in Kenya. They don’t offer alcoholic drinks but honestly their menu is so cool you don’t need the alcohol. And the best part is that they have delicious vegan options too so if you’re vegan or plant based you won’t feel left out! Just make sure to talk to the wait staff so that the can help you choose a vegan option since it’s not super clear on the menu that you can make certain drinks and dishes vegan and which ones you can do this for.

The Food

The Chocolate Room Kenya Exotic Garlic Bread

Nairobi Kenya Vegan Food

The Chocolate Room Vegan Options

The Chocolate Room Nairobi Mac N Cheese

Best Sundae In Kenya

Waffles Desserts Kenya

We ordered a bunch of different dishes to try because we all wanted to try different stuff lol. My cousins and sister are not vegan so they got the Exotic Garlic Bread, Mac N’ Cheese and a regular sizzler (I forgot to take a pic of that sorry!). They loved it and said everything was amazing especially the Mac N’ Cheese that my cousin had picked.

I ordered the vegan version of the Cilantro Mexicana and it was literally amazing. Seriously one of the best foods I’ve eaten in Nairobi. I was so full but couldn’t stop eating. When I go out I rarely am able to eat that much but this was so good I couldn’t help but keep eating. I swear I looked six months pregnant after the meal lol. But so worth it.

As for the desserts, they don’t offer many vegan options if any but at that point I was so full I didn’t care. My sisters favourite was the waffle and everyone loved the sundae.


The Chocolate Room was another big W. Everything was amazing and we all enjoyed the dishes we ordered. Their food and their service was exceptional. They have a lot of things on their menu that I haven’t seen at other restaurants or cafes in Nairobi. And the best part is that so many of their dishes can be made vegan. So, if you haven’t gone to The Chocolate Room yet I would recommend it.

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124 thoughts on “The Chocolate Room Kenya Review

  1. Wow, I love the way the place is decorated, and the food looks so delicious, Pooja! I would love to eat there, try the Mac and Cheese and garlic bread! I love your reviews, Pooja. Thanks! 😊

    1. Thanks! It was a very cool coincidence. You should check online because they have a lot of branches all over the world. If they have some in African countries they may have them in Jamaica too!

  2. Five stars on your review, Pooja! What a great one. It had me giggling when talking about you and your sister. And the place sounds fantastic. I’d love to find a dining and drinking experience like that.

    1. Thanks so much! Haha yes, my sister and I joke around a lot. And my cousins are the same way. It was such a great experience, hope they start one in Canada that you can visit.

  3. That sounds yummy. It is amazing how vegetarian and even vegan options are becoming more and more mainstream. 20 years ago that just wasn’t the case and now today, it’s almost expected 😀

  4. Cute outfit! I favor the second photo of you smiling — that’s great, it should be your new user photo, right? The kangaroo is so adorable. That drink with the lime looks really good.

    1. Thanks so much! I spent so much time not smiling that I have to make up for it now haha. That was a mocktail and it was so good. Everything was really delicious.

  5. It’s ok to admit you got plastic surgery.People like you, who had multiple successful procedures done never fall out of practice taking cute pictures, its all part of becoming an illuminati blog princess.

    1. It was so good, I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so much before! There’s one in Brooklyn but I don’t think there are any others in the US 🥲

  6. Love the pictures and your video. I mean I can almost smell the chocolate and taste the cream here. LOL. I just googled and there is one chocolate room in Brooklyn.

    1. Thanks so much. They had vegan chocolate which was so exciting. I never get to have that lol. Yes, they have a branch in Brooklyn, do try it if you’re ever in the area.

  7. The food looks great. Points to the place for presentation and to you for picture-taking. And tell your sister to be quiet, which is something I would never say to my sister.

  8. Look at you pretty in lavender matching the gorgeous decor. Food and chocolate too what’s not to love❣️
    Good luck on the plastic surgery recovery.. hahsha… Sisters❣️

    1. Yeah, it was so cool cos I had just randomly got the pants recently and this was the first time I wore them. Lol same, idk why my eyes are always shut or like one looks bigger.

  9. I wish my cousins also lived near my place. I only get to meet them once in six months. They also love exploring good places to eat. However, I try to meet my friends on weekends. I am not vegan but it definitely matters if a good restaurant has added something for every customer to their menu.

    1. That’s so cool, thanks. Yeah, I really don’t know much about editing videos but I’ve been trying to make them interesting and hopefully I can improve over time.

        1. Lol yeah, it’s time consuming and I often forget to record when I’m supposed to. Like I started a What I Eat post today but forgot to record my dinner 😩

  10. Sounds like a delightful experience at The Chocolate Room in Nairobi! 😊 The vegan options and elaborate drink menu are definitely intriguing. The ambiance looks lovely too. Thanks for sharing your review!

  11. Wow. I’ve never not wanted meat this much 😅
    Saving this for next time I’m in Kenya.
    I think I’d have to hit the gym afterwards though. But I’d do that anyway so no problem.
    You clean up pretty awesome, no signs of the previous illnesses.
    Cheers for sharing.😍

    1. Lol, yes you need to check it out the next time you’re in Nairobi 😊 No gym needed if you have the vegan options since they’re lower in calories and almost no cholesterol 💪🏽
      I’m still sick I’m just ignoring it lol 😅

  12. As soon as I hear chocolate I’m sold lol. The food looks amazing as do you in the photos haven’t seen the franchise over in England as of yet but then again haven’t dined in the city for a while but a place I would love to check out…Thanks for sharing

  13. I just checked and there is a ‘The Chocolate Room’ in London. I’ve added it to my London bucketlist because it looks so good! It’s hard sometimes to find nice veggie restaurants that have nice, diverse menus. I usually end up going to a place like Nandos and only ordering sides like long stem broccoli and garlic bread.

    1. Oh nice, hope you enjoy yourself when you visit. Although their menu might be different so check online first.
      So true, it’s hard to get veggie options but luckily they’re more readily available these days!

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