Throner Problems

*Warning: Contains Spoilers for Game Of Thrones*

An Introduction To Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones may be the greatest show I have ever watched. When I watched the first episode (and made the mistake of liking Eddard Stark) I was a little taken aback. Believe me there is no one in the world that can prepare you for Game Of Thrones. But at the same time I felt this unexplainable need to binge watch it for the rest of the day. I actually only began watching it a few months ago. But, I binge watched and finished all 5 seasons in about a month.

“There’s a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand”

But as we have learnt from Game Of Thrones, all good things come with a price. Here are some problems that all throners (I like to call Game Of Throne fans that!) know too well:

  1. You’re always afraid to get attached

From the moment you see Ned Stark beheaded you promise yourself “never again.” Never again will you let yourself get so attached to a character again- and especially not a Stark. But you can’t help it. Deep down you know you will always respect Arya and grow to admire Khaleesi and Tyrion. Even though they may be at any random moment killed or more likely severely tortured and then killed. And you have to admit you were rooting for Rob Stark… and then the “Red Wedding” happened (why???) It is quite saddening to know that you can never truly grow attached to a character. They will probably soon die a horrible death (probably at the hands of a Lannister). Although I am not going to complain about King Joffrey’s death (I watched that scene quite a few times with sheer joy).

2.  Simultaneously loving and hating characters

As much as the Lannister’s are snide, arrogant, sadistic and twisted (except Tyrion of course) they are still extremely entertaining. And you do have to give them credit. Tywin was one of the smartest men in this show and that is why he survived as long as he did and was able to acquire that much wealth and power. Cersei and Jamie are of course a very interesting duo (*cough incest cough*) but as evil as Cersei may be she does love her children (even the sadistic psychopathic one) and was truly devastated when Joffrey died (perhaps she was the only one who actually mourned him).

Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is another confusing character that just messes with your head. On one hand you will always hate him for his betrayal to the Starks but on the other hand he did save Sansa (only to marry her off to Ramsey!). He’s conniving and disloyal but he is also sharp and always one step ahead (which living in a place like Westeros you have to be). Even King Joffrey grows on you at some point and you begin to miss him after a while (there I said it!)

3.  Spoilers For Game Of Thrones

Yes we get it, you’ve read the books and know more than we do but that doesn’t mean you post about it on every possible site you can find! Avoiding spoilers is like living on an island and trying not to get wet. Everywhere you go there are people commenting and talking about things we don’t know about yet and it is super annoying. At least warn us first so we don’t read it.

4.  Khaleesi

Don’t get me wrong, Khaleesi is great, but sometimes she does tend to get on my nerves. To begin with, is she ever going to get to Westeros in this century? Honestly she is taking forever and as much as I like to watch her grow and succeed her character needs to start making its way to the main storyline.

Furthermore, she definitely isn’t ready for the power she desires and I don’t think she can handle the throne because she might just crack under all the pressure and become just like her father. We have definitely seen hints of her cruelty like when she nailed the slave masters to the signposts without differentiating between the guilty and the relatively innocent (like Hizdahr zo Loraq’s father). This wouldn’t be the first time a Targaryen has ordered mass punishment. In addition to this, how does she expect to rule over The Seven Kingdoms when she can’t even rule over Meereen. Plus, her dragons are out of control.

5.  Non-throners

For me there are two different types of people in the world: throners and non-throners. And it’s not that I don’t like people who aren’t fans of GoT, it’s just that sometimes it makes life a lot more difficult for us. For one, they don’t get inside jokes or phrases like “you know nothing Jon Snow” and apparently they don’t get insulted when you compare them to King Joffrey (which is annoying because that’s the worst insult I can think of).

They also often say things like “is that the show with the boobs and dragons” when in reality it is a complicated woven tapestry of politics, relationships, family, mythical creatures and more. Other irking phrases they use include “is she the white haired girl?” (it’s silver!) and “cut off his what??” You cannot talk to them about the new exciting things that just happened or who died and how, you can’t exchange theories about who Jon Snow’s parents are or what happened to Arya. This can be quite disappointing.

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you”


Even though there are all these cons of Game of Thrones, the important thing to remember is that it is still incomparable and the pros far outweigh the cons. I can absolutely not wait for the next season! I mean what happened to Arya and Khaleesi and Jon Snow.

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9 thoughts on “Throner Problems

  1. We still have to wait so long until Season 6 (or for book readers like me, Book 6… SO LONG…)

    Thanks for sharing your impressions on the show. I particularly enjoyed you talking about liking and disliking characters. I remember reading in the books when that thing happened to Jaime (you know what I’m talking about… that unexpected thing…) and I was so mad, because I had been full on hating Jaime, and now I was all worried about him…

    Anyway, thanks again for the review.

    1. I know it’s super annoying when you start you start worrying about a really terrible character like Theon- I hated him before but now I feel really sorry for him. It really sucks that we have to wait so long. Do you prefer reading the books or is it the same as watching the show?
      P.S I loved your post on Daenerys Targaryen!

      1. Theon is a really good example of a character that you can be angry at and dislike and also kind of hope that he gets a break and a little redemption maybe.

        That’s a great question, in regards to the preference for reading the books, watching the show, or is it the same…

        In general, I always say that the books are better (that’s true of things beyond Game of Thrones) but the show is really great, and probably does some things slightly better – some of the story simplifications really work, some not so well. I certainly love both, and I’m okay treating them as their own thing (I don’t require that the show be exactly like the books.)

        P.S. Thank you so much for telling me that you enjoyed my recent Dany post. For my own therapeutic reasons, I write a lot about Game of Thrones during the off-season (and it helps pass the time) and I appreciate the feedback.

        Here’s hoping that the months sneak by and we’re watching season six soon.

        1. Yes like at the end of the day you just feel really sorry for Theon because even though he was so horrible he’s been through so many terrible things. I was going to start reading the books but when I talked to one of my friends she told me the best part of GoT was the element of surprise and since I’ve already seen all that I’ll be kind of bored with the books so I wasn’t so sure about reading them.
          I really enjoy your post on Game of Thrones because it made me think a lot because it had never bothered me before that Khaleesi was so alienated from the rest if the story but after reading the post I really started thinking about that and about how she might not be totally fit for the throne. I’m really excited for season 6! I hope we get some good news about Arya and Jon Snow and Khaleesi.

  2. I understand that the twists and shocks in the books have been revealed to you by the show, but if I can still make a pitch for the books, it’s really interesting the details that are in the books, and also how the characters think and feel, since we get the story through their viewpoints.

    Some of my favorite chapters to read are Bran’s chapters and a lot of his story elements are omitted from the show, because they’re prophetic dreams, or his reactions to being crippled during the events, or stories that Meera Reed tells him that are So Massively Relevant. So there is still a great experience that can pulled from the books.

    They’re also great on re-reads. I read the books before seeing the show, and then after, and the second read through was quite fascinating.

    Not trying to bully you into reading or not, just wanted to make a pitch for the books, even if you’re up on the show.


    I’m glad that my post got you thinking about how Daenerys might feel, being alienated and trying to do the right thing. She’s a great character.

    And yes, I’m hoping for good news at the start of season 6 in regards to Arya, Jon, and Dany.

    1. Well to be honest I have always preferred to read because you get many more details and it can be a quite different experience than watching it. The show has definitely left out a lot about Bran and it would be nice to learn more about his character. I think I will start reading the books because I’ve actually wanted to for quite a while. Thanks for the advice 🙂

    1. Yeah they’re taking forever to release it! And the worst part is I probably won’t be able to watch it when it comes out because I’ll be busy getting ready to go to university 😣

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