That Awkward Moment When…

.As a human we are all designed to make awkward and embarrassing mistakes. Unfortunately, this happens to me more often than I would like to admit. Here are some awkward situations that happen to the best of us:

  1. When you say “hi” to someone

Okay saying “hi” to someone isn’t awkward. Unless, it’s one of those annoying people who you try to avoid because they just never shut up even though you look like you’re in pain and are trying desperately to leave. But it is awkward when you say “hi” to someone (maybe a little too quietly) and they don’t hear you. So they just walk away without noticing you. And you just stand there pretending that didn’t happen and you weren’t really talking to them, you were just exercising your mouth muscles. It’s even worse when you wave and they don’t see you so they just keep walking and you’re just left there hoping no one saw that. The best way I have found to remedy this uncomfortable situation is run away and repress all memory of the particular incident.

2.   When you say “hi” to the wrong person

Let’s all just admit this has happened to us all at one time or another. It may possibly be worse than saying “hi” and the other person not noticing. For a few seconds you’re so excited to see someone you know that you wave enthusiastically or even call out their name before realizing (too late) that it’s the wrong person. The wrong person has obviously noticed and is now staring at you with a mixture of confusion, fear and amusement as you quickly try to explain how you thought they were someone else and that they look just like your friend. Again repression of the memory will help rectify the situation.

3.   When you sing the wrong lyrics

We all know that awkward moment when an annoyingly catchy song gets stuck in your head (probably anything by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Rihanna) and you finally just give up and start singing it out loud only to realize you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all along – yeah that’s pretty uncomfortable. Especially if you’re singing really loudly and people start staring at you and you think it’s because you’re doing a good job but in real they’re probably thinking “look at that weird chick singing the wrong words.” When someone finally has the decency to correct you, you just shyly and quietly walk away or pretend you knew those were the wrong words and were just being intentionally funny. Not only will that song forevermore be associated with embarrassment in your mind but it will probably still be stuck in your head constantly reminding you of that shameful moment.

4.   When you spit while talking

We’ve all been the spitter or the spit receiver at least once in our life (or in my case very often). I mean it’s accidental but it’s still pretty mortifying. I have never figured out who it’s worse for- the spitter or the spit receiver. On one hand when the spitter realizes their mistake they probably feel horrible and they will most likely apologize a few times but the damage will have been done- no one will ever forget the spitting incident.

On the other hand, the person who was spat on will also be just as uneasy because no one trains you on what to do when you’re spat on. Do you wipe it off in front of the spitter even though that would be rude? Or do you wait for the spitter to look away and then quickly wipe the spit off? Do you yell “look Justin Bieber” to distract the spitter while you wipe the spit?

5.   When you trip

This one is my personal favorite. Call me sadistic if you want but there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone awkwardly trip and fall. Or maybe even try to grab something for support before they eventually fall anyway. The sad part comes in when this happens to you and there are lots of people around. At this point there will be three groups of people around you. First, the ones who will run to you and try to help you while constantly asking if you’re okay. The second group will blankly stare at you and maybe take a few pictures and videos for snapchat. And the third group will laugh till they cry right in front of you with no regard for your feelings. Either way the situation will be awkward. Again denial and repression are a good way to get over it.

Although these things can make you cringe the important thing to remember is making mistakes is a part of being human and sometimes silly mistakes can actually lead to great results. Like in Game of Thrones we all thought the Khaleesi and Khal were a mistake but they ended up being one of our favorite couples. So next time try to laugh it off and not take things too seriously!

Don’t forget to comment on which of these moments have happened to you and do let me know if you think I’ve missed out any.

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10 responses to “That Awkward Moment When…”

  1. Interesting topic..i remember once when i was out on a romantic dinner date and ended up burping while talking.This i think was a really akward moment for me.

    1. Haha that’s classic!

  2. There is nothing, NOTHING, worse than saying hello to someone and that person ignores you. So I usually stare at that person, let them say hi first then respond.

    Also eating food in front of people is hard. And the fact that I forget how to even eat when people look at me is not helpful. Like what do you do when you’re eating pizza and the whole cheese comes off?

    1. Yessss! Eating in front of people is soooo damn awkward and that’s when you usually make a mess and look like a child.
      That’s a good idea I think from now on I’m just going to stare at people until they greet me.

      1. This is why I feel it’s a pretty good rule to go out for a messy(ish) meal during some of the first dates (maybe the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th). The awkwardness is a good icebreaker and makes both parties human 🙂

        1. That’s true and messy food always tastes better than normal food!

  3. My problem is usually when I can’t remember someone’s name, and I am expected to make an introduction. It’s particularly awkward when I know everything about them except their name. And we’ve had a long conversation getting caught up. And then I’m expected to introduce them to another friend who just sidled up.

    1. Haha that happens to me a lot cos I’m really bad with names and it’s pretty awkward!

  4. How about not being able to park the car when there’s a lot of people around to witness it, and when my dad was in the car with me, I would always make dumb driving mistakes that I never made while driving alone.

    1. Urghhh yes I always make dumb mistakes when driving with my parents in the car! I hate it when people are around and I’m trying to do something!

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