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I feel empty and cold 

Like an unwritten book

I just want someone to hold

Someone to watch 

As I pour out my agony

Can’t anybody see

How I feel inside 

Can’t anybody be

The person to whom I confide

Will anyone hold me

If ever we collide

Too much work

Too much to revise

Not enough time to be the best

And to be happy

You must choose now 

But choose wisely

For you will quickly regret that road

That you were once running on

That you now cry by alone

What was once running 

Will quickly turn to jogging

And what was once walking

Will quickly turn to sobbing 

So I found this poem called “Life” that I had written in 8th grade and forgotten about (I used to be super emo)… Let me know what you think in the comments below. I wrote it a long time ago but it still sort of sounds like me lol. Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed it and let me know if you did. 

I think at the time I wrote this, I was terrified of getting older. It felt unnatural for some reason. I guess that’s just how the mind of a teenager works. It was also when the hormones kicked in which is always fun. Yeah, being a teenager is awesome and not awful at all.

It’s strange reading this now as an adult and knowing a lot of what I feared would happen did happen. To be honest, it did happen but it’s not too bad either. Being an adult has its perks along with its issues. Either way, I am happy with how everything turned out and the adult I am now. Do I have regrets? Yes. Do I also have achievements I am proud of? Absolutely.

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  2. A child’s display of emotions through words.. well appreciated! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

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