His Heart Broke (Guest Post)

The middle son

Eighteen years old

Left for the unknown

The mother cried

And the brothers wept

No one asked the father

If his heart broke


The last daughter

A young bride

Left her home

The mother smiled 

The brothers danced

No one asked the father 

If his heart broke


The youngest son

An angry man 

He cursed and yelled

The mother feared 

The brothers raged

No one asked the father

If his hear broke


The eldest son

A weakling but cunning

Abandoned them

The mother wrote

The brothers called 

No one asked the father

If his heart broke

“His Heart Broke” was the first poem written by one of my closest friends. It’s very personal and touching and I felt like I needed to share it with all of you! “His Heart Broke” is about a family where the father’s opinion is ignored because he is a man and stereotypically they aren’t supposed to show emotions but all humans have emotions and we need to change that mentality that men are supposed to be tough and emotionless. All families have their disputes and sometimes these problems can tear a family apart. This poem reminds us that family is important and it’s important to treat the ones you love well because they are not always going to be around. 

This poem also reminds us that toxic masculinity is alive and well. Due to the issues it creates in a patriarchal society, mens emotions are often ignored or subdued.

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