Her- A Poem

Her blonde hair shines in the sun

Her blue eyes sparkle

She is finally happy 

Doing what she loves

She chose the wrong career at first

She was influenced too much

By the people around her

She met the wrong man

He never treated her right

As soon as he heard she wanted to keep the baby

He said goodbye and left 

Never to be seen again

She cried and fell apart

And then she picked herself up

Her beautiful daughter now means the world to her

She went back to college 

And got the degree she had always wanted

She met a handsome lover

Who always treated her right

They got married and she told him

Thank you for making me

Finally happy

“Her” is a poem about women breaking generational trauma by making sure their children live a better life than them. This poem describes the life of a woman and the struggles she went through. She made some bad decisions. She mad some decisions she should not have. But she was able to give her daughter a better life. And that is what brought her true happiness.

Although I have never been in this woman’s shoes, I know many women have. I know there are a lot of women who go through these experiences. And they are able to give their children a better life. Which is what I think most parents want. It is a truly amazing thing. Do you know any women like this? Do let me know in the comments.

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