A Rainy Day- Poetry

Under the dark greying mass

I look out

As the rain unleashes its temper

Protected behind my window

As if looking past another world


The beats gradually increase

Performing a tribal dance as if memorized

Or perhaps like pots and pans

Falling with a clatter


Time stands still

Or maybe it’s the traffic

A pink finger appears

And draws a smile

On the fogged window

I draw back a ‘hello’


A curtain of rain between us

Protected behind our windows

“A Rainy Day” was written on a journey through the rain in a car but it is also symbolic of strangers who connect through nature but still are afraid to truly be themselves. We are so scared of revealing our true self that we often unconsciously build walls to protect ourselves and block others out.

“A Rainy Day” was written by MistryLand and if you want to check out more from her visit her blog: https://mistry07.wordpress.com/

And follow her comics on tapastic: http://tapastic.com/series/MistryLand

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