How To Survive High School

So as most of you know I recently just finished high school and graduated and even though I’ve had some of my best memories in high school I know firsthand how much high school can suck. I mean with all your hormones going insane and all the changes you’re going through high school can be really tough and so I decided to share some tips on how to survive high school:

Ignore the ‘cool kids’

Find your true self instead of trying to fit in with them because trust me they are not the kind of friends you want to have in the future. Instead of trying so hard to socialize and fit in do things you are actually interested in. Instead of joining the club everyone else is joining, join a club you’re actually interested in because believe me these are the moments you will remember in the future.

Befriend the nerds and outcasts

Like I said earlier you do not need to be friends with the popular kids but you definitely want to be friends with the not-so-popular crowd. To be honest they are way more fun to be around, they’re accepting and they will help you find yourself. Plus you’ll probably have more things in common with them and more things to talk to them about. Behind they’re ‘uncool’ exterior lies a pretty awesome interior.

Books over looks

I know this is going to sound cliché but honestly you’re in school for a reason. You don’t have to be a book worm or anything but at least try to make an effort to do well in your studies because to be honest grades mean a lot in this world and even though education shouldn’t have this much emphasis put on it, it does. You will definitely at some point regret not getting good grades so it’s okay to worry about and put time into the way you look but don’t do this at the cost of studying.


Pay a lot of attention to what you enjoy doing most because this will be an important clue as to what you should do in the future. I’ve always enjoyed writing as well as history and psychology and that’s how I figured out what I am going to be doing in university. Don’t let anyone sway you into doing something you don’t enjoy- instead work hard to achieve your dreams.

Be yourself

Please don’t try to be someone else in an attempt to impress others. Believe me it is not worth it. You’ll only be miserable pretending to be something you’re not. No matter who you are you will find someone who accepts you for you and that person will mean more to you than all the people who like the fake you.

Eat to your hearts content

Seriously I don’t even have to explain this because (at least to me) food solves everything and that chocolate will seriously help you get through high school.


In the end you just have to accept that whether you like it or not, not everyone is going to like you and the faster you accept that the better. Not everyone will like you but not everyone’s opinion should matter to you. The most important thing is that you like you and that will seriously make high school so much easier to survive.

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