Your Eyes Tell The Truth

Your eyes

Shouted the truth

The truth that you

Never had the decency

To tell me yourself

Your eyes

Gave away

The disappointment

The grief

The anger

And the hatred

You felt

When I chose to be myself

And when I chose my own path

When I stopped blindly obeying you

When I chose to be me

Your eyes told me things

You were too afraid to tell me yourself

I am someone who strongly believes that the eyes are a gate to the soul. In fact, I think you can know what sort of person someone is just by looking at them. We can lie with our mouth and our body but the eyes tell the truth. This poem was inspired by that. It was inspired by how some people will work to keep you down. And when they see they are not succeeding they will do whatever it takes to manipulate you. People like that are sometimes referred to as narcissists.

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