You Are My Obsession

You’re my sweet obsession

Your soft, innocent lips

Saying the nastiest things

I drown in your eyes

Every time I look at you

I long to be near you

To smell your sweet cologne

I long for your touch

I smile every time you smile

At your silly jokes

The way your eyes shine

When you laugh

The way you frown

When your concentrating

Mesmerizes me

With you I am whole

With you I find pieces of myself

I never knew existed

You are my sweet obsession

Now and always

I wanted to share my poem “My Obsession.” It can be romantic or it can be twisted depending on how you interpret it. Personally, when I wrote it, it started out romantic but it sort of turned into something more twisted. I love psycho movies and shows like “You.” Watching stuff like that is what inspired “My Obsession.” Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you thought it was romantic or twisted.

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