400+ Followers And Some Inspiration

I honestly can’t thank my followers enough for their continuous support of my writing. This is so huge for me! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This blog means a lot to me and it’s the first time I have really written like this and it’s just really inspired me so much.

Like everyone else I didn’t have a single follower when I started and to be honest I didn’t really think I would get any followers. In fact, even when I got one I got so excited. And I still get excited every single time I get a new follower. I never thought I would get even one hundred followers let alone four hundred. That’s truly incredible to me. I don’t blog to get followers, blogging has always been an outlet for me. But it does feel wonderful to know that 400 people care about this blog and enjoy it enough to follow me. Thank you SO MUCH!

As always here is some inspiration to brighten your Monday!

I hope you enjoyed some inspiration today and if you want to read more inspirational quotes click here.

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10 thoughts on “400+ Followers And Some Inspiration

  1. Congrats on 400+ followers! You have a really great blog that I enjoy reading. Thanks for the inspirational quotes as well!

  2. Miss Inspiration is at it again! LOL. Good quotes, we love your blog post and positive vibes you feed us with, you always have something to say and something uplifting and with the world the way it is sometimes, at least we know we have one person we can count on to make us smile. Thank you for sharing your kind words and being their to support your fellow bloggers! keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad my blog is bringing positivity to others because that’s why I started it in the first place. My followers are awesome so of course supporting them is a lot of fun! Loving the new nickname by the way 😆😛

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