George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard Shaw was an amazing man and so I decided to share some of his inspirational quotes with you today! I find him so fascinating. And these quotes are so extremely inspiring. I love starting the week with inspiring quotes by brilliant people like him. I hope you enjoy these George Bernard Shaw quotes as much I did. Which of these quotes is your favourite? Are you a fan of George Bernard Shaw? Are you a fan of his work? Do you also enjoy reading inspirational quotes like I do? Please let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard Shaw QuotesGeorge Bernard Shaw Quotes


George Bernard Shaw Quote

George Bernard Shaw Quote

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19 thoughts on “George Bernard Shaw Quotes

  1. Read this through Opher and agree a very interesting set of quotes and so well presented. He wrote ‘ an intelligent woman’s guide to socialism’. Over which I think there was a feminist outcry! But is quite Shaw like and full of insight.

  2. Hmm, he has some very interesting quotes. I have never heard of this particular person but his quotes were very thought provoking! good choice.


    1. Yeah Bernard Shaw was an amazing man and you should definitely read more about him! He was really amazing and intelligent 🙂

      1. I think I will look into him, by his quotes, he seems very intelligent! You do always seem to find very interesting and rather thought provoking quotes from people!

            1. Hahaha lol don’t worry I used to slack so much before but you’ll get in the habit and you’ll be finding awesome quotes before I do!

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